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Faculty Information

This page provides information for faculty interested in the services provided in the Collaborative Learning Center.

What services does the Collaborative Learning Center provide? 

The Collaborative Learning Center Writing Consultants supports students in all aspects of the writing process including generating ideas, doing research, drafting, revising, documenting sources, and using the conventions of written English. Writing Consultants also work with students on graduate school essays.

Discipline-Specific Consultants work with students on understanding concepts and principles, pre-exam review, homework, study skills and strategies and utilizing anatomical models.


Will Writing Consultants edit my students’ papers?  

No, the CLC’s goal is to assist students in their development as writers. Consultants do not proofread/edit student papers nor do they correct assignments. 


Will Discipline-Specific Consultants simply correct my student’s homework? 

No, Discipline-Specific Consultants will provide support for students as they develop their skills using and understanding concepts and principles taught in your course.


Will Writing and/or Discipline-Specific Consultants tutor mid-term and/or final exams?

No, Writing Consultants and Discipline-Specific Consultants are not permitted to work with students on their mid-term and/or final exams.


How can I encourage my students to use the Collaborative Learning Center? 

You can encourage your students to use the CLC by:

  • Telling your students about the CLC.
  • Distributing the CLC’s Student Information flier to your students. (Call Ext. 2303 or 2494 to request copies.)
  • Inviting a member of the staff to your class to speak briefly to students about the CLC.  
  • Add a statement to your syllabus about the services at the CLC. See the suggested language below. 


Suggested Syllabus Statement

The Collaborative Learning Center (CLC) provides tutoring to students in subject-area courses and writing skills. If you're interested in working with a tutor, you may schedule an appointment by logging into our scheduling platform at Students need to use their York College Network account to log in and make an appointment.

For more information, call 718.262.2494/ 718.262.2303, email us at, or check the CLC website.