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Congressional Reps Help York Students Gain Fortune 500 Internships

Khanna Lands Tech Jobs Partnership with Schwab, York College, Rep. Meeks

Washington, DC -- Nov. 18th, Today, Ro Khanna, in continuing his trademark push for expanding access to the digital revolution and tech jobs across America in every community, announced a completed summer-long remote internship partnership between Charles Schwab Corporation and York College. Khanna and Rep. Gregory Meeks solidified this opportunity amid the COVID-19 pandemic for the Jamaica, NY-based college, and global financial services company.

Applicants worked with a York College career advisor who then helped Schwab select students for the endeavor. During the internship, York students worked with Schwab executives to develop investment plans, prepare for careers in financial advisory, and make key connections essential to gaining entry into the financial services sector after graduation. Interns worked full time remotely and made $20 an hour.

"On behalf of the York College family, and especially the six students who participated in the Charles Schwab internship program from July through October 2020, thank you very much, Congressmembers Meeks and Khanna for your important role in this opportunity! The value of the Schwab internship cannot be overstated in the experience of our Business majors who participated. In these tenuous times, we were concerned about summer internships for all our seniors across the board, but with your help, these young people were able to have a well-rounded internship in a Fortune 500 company. Our students had a transformative experience and are more prepared for the workforce next year than they would have otherwise been without this experience. I extend my gratitude to all and look forward to collaborating on similar opportunities in the near future,” said York College President Berenecea Johnson Eanes.

“I was exposed to a billion-dollar corporation's inner workings and how they strive to achieve their goals. Not only is their culture inclusive; they care about their employees, even at the lower level…like interns. This experience will allow me to have more answers to questions that other students won’t have due to the fact they haven’t done this internship. Not only do I have experience in corporate America, but I now have tools that will grant me access to doors that I wouldn’t be able to open without that knowledge. This will help me to land and be successful in my first job because Charles Schwab is a very well-known and respected company and for my future employer to see that I interned there and got great reviews from my manager and people who interacted with me on a day to day basis, they will see that I am a respectful and hard-working young man and I would be an asset to their firm," said Thurgood Marshall College Fund Scholar Steven Jones.

“I’m very proud to have helped to foster this partnership between the Charles Schwab Corporation and York college to train students for the jobs of tomorrow. Providing training for the financial services industry to diverse communities isn’t just beneficial for the community’s students, it’s beneficial for the industry itself. Greater diversity in the industry will bring a greater talent pool with diverse backgrounds and experiences. I look forward to creating more public-private partnerships that create opportunities for communities of color and diversify corporate America,” said Greg Meeks.

“Silicon Valley’s tech-fueled prosperity should be accessible and within reach for all, especially those in geographic areas left behind. I’m proud to have connected these York college students with Charles Schwab Corporation to give them an opportunity in the digital economy and increase diversity in the financial services industry. The lack of diversity in the financial services industry is unacceptable. We need to create public-private partnerships to give everyone a fair shot and increase access to qualified applicants,” said Ro Khanna.