Parking Enforcement

Violation of York College’s Parking Regulations may result in the imposition of fines, revocation of current and future parking privileges, immobilization of vehicles or towing.

A Parking Violation Ticket will be issued to a vehicle in violation of York College's Parking Regulations.

Drivers are expected to cooperate with Public Safety Officers to ensure the safe use of the parking lots.

Vehicles May Be Booted for the Following Violations (Boot Removal Fee $75 In Addition to the Specified Violation Fees )

  1. Displaying a fake or fraudulent parking permit.
  2. Parked vehicles that obstruct traffic.
  3. Vehicles with excessive parking violations.
  4. Illegal entry into the parking lot.

Parking Violations and Fines Effective Fall 2016

New Parking Enforcement Violations and Fines Effective Fall 2016.pdf


If you wish to contest the parking violation charge, a letter may be sent to the Director of Public Safety at York College stating the reason for disputing the ticket. Include a copy of the ticket along with your address and telephone number. You will receive a response in 14 days.