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Faculty / Staff Reservations

Internal Clients are employees of the college and or conducting an event where the college will be in charge of the event and the York College students, faculty, or staff will be the direct benefactors.

Request For Use Of College Facilities

Please submit this form at least 30 business days prior to the event for proper processing.

Is applicant affiliated with the college?

Please describe this event in details

Will food and beverages be served?

Please fill out work orders for furniture setup of your event if you do not want the room as is.Please fill out a work order with IT if you require anything above the basic internet service.Please fill out a work order for custodial if you are going to have food and or there will be excessive trash.Please notify or fill out a work order with public safety to have the room unlocked and if you need additional security for cash events.

Equipment Information Please Contact B and G or AV Tech for equipment