Classification and Change of Status

"Classification and Change of Status" refers to information about qualifying for the resident tuition, declaring and changing majors, students' classification and standing and taking leaves of absence.

Change of Residency Status

Applications for change of status for continuing students from nonresident to resident tuition rate are available in the Office of the Registrar, and can be filed until the end of the respective semester.

All incoming students must apply for resident tuition rate through the Office of Admissions.

Declaration or Change of Major

Students who have decided on a major or have decided to change their major should file a Change of Major application with the Office of the Registrar.

Students need to be aware that a change of major may have an effect on financial aid eligibility (see the section on Satisfactory Academic Progress.)

Change of major applications must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar prior to the fifth week of the current semester.

Academic Standing /Classification of Students

  1. Division of the college the student has applied for:
    • D - Day
    • E - Evening/Weekend
  2. Billing Code:
    • A - Matriculated undergraduate students (enrolled after 9/1/89 but prior to 6/1/92)
    • B - Matriculated undergraduate students (enrolled after 6/1/92)
    • C - Student is not matriculated for a degree
    • U-Undergraduate (enrolled as first-time freshman or non- CUNY transfer students for semesters or sessions beginning on or after 6/1/92)
  3. Admission Code - identifies student admission status:
    • 0 - Non-degree
    • 1 - Continuing (degree/non-degree)
    • 2 - Entering freshman or graduate (degree/non-degree)
    • 3 - New advanced standing transfer (undergraduate)
    • 4 - Readmitted
    • 6 - New CUNY permit-in/CUNY B.A.-in
    • 7 - Continuing CUNY Permit-in/CUNY B.A.-in
    • 8. Non degree to degree (undergraduate/graduate)
    • 9 - Readmitted for graduation
  4. Group Number - the students' class is determined by the number of credits completed, as follows:
    • 0 - Non-degree
    • 1 - Lower freshman: 0-11.5
    • 2 - Upper Freshman: 12-27.5
    • 3 - Lower sophomore: 28-44.5
    • 4 - Upper sophomore: 45-60.5
    • 5 - Lower junior: 61-77.5
    • 6 - Upper junior: 78-93.5
    • 7 - Lower senior: 94-110.5
    • 8 - Upper senior: 111or more
    • 9 - Second degree: has degree

Procedure for Leaves of Absence

A student may take a leave of absence during the first ten weeks of classes by applying directly to the Office of the Registrar.

After the tenth week of classes, a student who wishes to apply for a leave of absence must file a petition with the Committee on Academic Standards.

Students who take a leave of absence after the first day of classes are liable for tuition and fees in accordance with the Fee Schedule (see Tuition and Fees). The disposition of the student's petitionwill depend upon circumstances including instructors recommendations.

In the case of students in the SEEK Program, approval of the Director of the SEEK Program is also necessary. No fee is charged to effect a leave of absence.

The frequency with which a student may withdraw from all courses to take a leave of absence shall be restricted as follows:

  • a. After the first leave of absence, a student may return the following semester upon the advice of a counselor.
  •  b. After the second leave, a student must remain on leave at least one additional semester beyond that in which the student takes leave, and may return thereafter upon the advice of a counselor.