Faculty / Staff

Faculty / Staff listing for the Health and Physical Education Department

Department Chair

Ajuluchukwu, David
Ajuluchukwu, David
Associate Professor
O: HP-201A

Most of my research has been in the area of HIV/AIDS including: HIV clinical trials; HIV amongst the elderly; and the prison population. I serve on a number of boards for community based organizations, and also serve as a specialist for the following areas:

  1. Health disparities amongst minorities.
  2. Special needs for the elderly.
  3. Health Management and Administration.
Currently I am engaged in health care policies focusing on permanent housing for single HIV infected mothers and their children; elderly persons; and patients released from correctional facilities.

Full-Time Faculty

Agin, Denise
Agin, Denise
Associate Professor
O: HP-209

Barley, Linda
Barley, Linda
O: HP-205
Health promotion across the life span: emphasis on promoting wellness in the community, the classroom and and the work place. Improving self-management of chronic illnesses. Program planning and assessment of community-based health education interventions and delivery systems. Course syllabi development and evaluation intended for health education.

Brodsky, Mitchell
Brodsky, Mitchell
Associate Professor
O: HP-203
Human Sexuality pertains to gender issues, gender roles, sexual orientation, sexual behaviors, communication, etc. Family Life Education pertains to preparing students to develop positive behaviors that encourage healthy family living. Men’s Issues pertains to all things involving living life as a male in this society.

Costley, Alex
Costley, Alex
Associate Professor
O: HP-209

With a background in anthropology, public policy, and medical education, I'm interested in aging from cultural, political, and clinical perspectives. In medical education, I evaluated the impact of community-based geriatric training on the attitudes of primary care physicians. My current research explores the impact of urban planning and zoning on health and quality of life for older adults "aging-in-place" in New York City.

Grosskopf, Nicholas
Grosskopf, Nicholas
Associate Professor
O: HP-208
Dr. Grosskopf currently serves as coordinator of the York College Public Health Program. He has extensive experience working in community health settings, specifically in program/policy planning, monitoring and evaluation with a focus in HIV prevention and sexual health promotion. In the past he has worked with Hunter College's Center for HIV Educational Studies & Training, the Bureau of HIV/AIDS at the NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene, and the NYC Department of Education. He holds a joint appointment in the Doctor of Public Health (DPH) program at the CUNY Graduate Center. His scholarly interests include the intersection of health and technology, health equity and public health policy implications for sexual minorities as well as human participant research ethics as he serves as Chair of CUNY University-Integrated Institutional Review Board (UI-IRB) #4. He is Co-Director of the Collaborative Research Group on Health Policy & Promotion + the UrbanHealth Lab at York College.

Marks, Ray
Marks, Ray
Clinical Professor
O: HP-211

My research focuses on the causes of chronic diseases, specifically osteoarthritis. I am also studying the causes of injuries such as falls and their relationship to chronic disability.  My goal is to help improve our understanding of prevention opportunities in these specific contexts.  I have also studied the role of Health Literacy in the context of provider patient communications and its relevance to chronic disease prevention, especially cancer.

Marra, Ann
Marra, Ann
Substitute Field and Clinical Professor

McNickle, Reinold
McNickle, Reinold
P:(718) 262-5122
O: HP-209
McNickle will be serving as coordinator for York's Movement Science Field Work students. Summer 2015 he revised and updated all forms used in the Field Work program. He has extensive experience in a broad range of health, fitness, physical education and sport settings, and has taught at Baruch College, John Jay College, Lehman College and New York University School of Continuing Education. His academic focus for students emphasizes a motivational and behavioral approach to applying lessons learned.

Ogle, Patricia
Ogle, Patricia
O: HP-210
I am at York College of the City University of New York as a Lecturer in the field of Physical Education and Movement Science School’s, and joining professional organizations such as National Youth Sports Coaches Association and the New York State American Alliance of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD). I attended Lynchburg College Va., before studying Adaptive Physical Education at New York University. I coached in the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) and the Floral Park Indian Athletic Association and advanced to the senior level coaching soccer. At York College I am a teacher of many sport skills classes along with curriculum and methodology classes. In keeping with the desire to graduate a well rounded, physically active adult, I assisted in designing a wellness proposal being considered for a General Education requirement in the academic programs.

Werber, Galila
Werber, Galila
Associate Professor
O: HP-206

At the beginning of my academic career my research focused on cardiac rehabilitation, but in the past few years I shifted my interest to a population in danger of developing cardiac disorders, that of obese children.  Since about half of obese school-aged children become obese adults, I decided to address the risk factors for cardiac disease from the primary prevention domain. 

Professor Emeriti

Part-Time Faculty

 Abrahams, Sidney, Adjunct Lecturer

 Aronoff, Jean, Adjunct Lecturer

 Benjamin, Michael, Adjunct Lecturer

 Boyd, Paula, Adjunct Lecturer

 Cabrera, Guillermo, Adjunct Lecturer

 Castro, Anthony, Adjunct Lecturer

 Flowers, Sara, Adjunct Lecturer

 Forte, Tyrone, Adjunct Lecturer

 Graham, Thomas, Adjunct Lecturer

 Huberman, Marc, Adjunct Lecturer

 Johnson, Robert, Adjunct Lecturer

 Lemonda, Thomas, Adjunct Lecturer

 Maccoll, Kevin, Adjunct Lecturer

 Marino, Daniel, Adjunct Lecturer

 Mojisola, Osuntoki, Adjunct Lecturer

 Olaogun, Samuel, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Ramsey, Victor, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Rawle, Rohan, Adjunct Assistant Professor

 Shale, Sheila, Adjunct Lecturer

 Stevens, Shallah, Adjunct Lecturer

 Thomas, Theresa, Adjunct Lecturer

College Laboratory Technician

 Hawkins, Timothy, College Laboratory Technician

 Holloman, Eric, College Laboratory Technician

 Samuels, Frederick, Senior College Laboratory Technician


 Barracato, Denee', HE Officer

 Baxter, John, Higher Education Assistant

 Benjamin, Mark, Non-Teaching Adjunct

 Del Rosario, Evelyn, College Assistant

 Desir, Jessie, CUNY Office Assistant

 Duvert, Moise, College Assistant

 Escobar, Jillian, Non-Teaching Adjunct

 Guardiola, Diana, Continuing Education Teacher

 Malia, Patrick, Non-Teaching Adjunct

 Matte, Dan, Athletic Trainer

 McBarnett, Sheryl-Ann, Higher Education Assistant

 Morris, Antoine, Non-Teaching Adjunct

 Onikute, Diane, Administrative Non-Teaching Adjunct

 Pelton, Christen, Administrative Non-Teaching Adjunct

 Saint Surin, Constanio, College Assistant

 Scarinci, John, Assistant to Higher Education Officer

 Shannon, Kevin, Admin Non-Teaching Adjunct

 St. John, Ronald, Higher Education Officer

 Stevens, Shallah, Adjunct Lecturer

 Titus, Andre, Non-Teaching Adjunct

 Trotman, Robert, Non-Teaching Adjunct

 Wray, Charnelle, Admin Non-Teaching Adjunct