Department of Health and Human Performance

Welcome to the Department of Health and Human Performance. There are three principal disciplines administered by this Department: Gerontological Studies and Services; Health Education; and Physical Education.

In keeping with the College's mission and vision, the Department of Health Education, Physical Education, and Gerontological Studies and Services is dedicated to providing high quality education and career preparation, responding to the needs and interests of our student body and to the surrounding community it serves. It is committed to academic excellence, with a focus on the dignity and worth of each individual.

The Department, through its community of scholars and practitioners, working in an atmosphere of support and concern, provides educational opportunities via excellence in teaching, professional advisement and counseling, development and support of innovative curricula, and independent study and research.

The Department accomplishes its mission by utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach that ensures a well-rounded education. The curriculum's emphasis is to provide student-centered instruction, experiential learning, and internships at nationally recognized institutions, public and community environments.