Department of Business and Economics

The Business and Economics Department faculty aims to create knowledge and develop ethical leaders and builders of enterprises that will create value for stakeholders and the society. The Department achieves this through our degree programs in Aviation, Business, Economics, Marketing, and Information Systems Management.

Aviation Management

The Bachelors of Science in Aviation Management degree is designed for students seeking to lead and manage in the world of aviation. Balancing key aviation concepts with advanced business strategy, the curriculum provides students a solid foundation of aviation expertise, industry standards, principles of management, and leadership delivered by aviation industry experts. The program explores all facets of aviation management, including airport and airline economics, aeronautical science, accounting, marketing, environment, aviation safety, assets protection and global business strategies. This approach to aviation education gives the student added value over aviation programs by focusing on the skills and knowledge required by today's industry. Upon graduation, students will be eligible and qualified candidates for desirable staff, operational, and executive positions within the aviation industry. For more information, visit Aviation Management (BS).

Business Administration

The Business Administration major consists of 5 Concentrations; Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Logistics and Supply Chain Management and International Business. Students must complete "The Common Body of Knowledge" as well as all requirements identified for their chosen concentration. Departmental advisement is strongly suggested before the Common Body of Knowledge requirements are complete to assist in the selection of a specified concentration. For information regarding specific requirements and electives, visit Business Administration (BS).


The Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics allows students to understand social phenomena from an economics perspective including benefits and costs. The program enables students to think critically about choices under conditions of limited resources in order to understand more clearly the societal and economic consequences of such decisions. The Economics program prepares students for a wide variety of careers dealing with the flow of money, from business advisory to investment banker, money manager to personal finance consultant. For a list of requirements and electives, visit Economics (BA).

Information Systems Management

The Department of Business and Economics, jointly with the Mathematics and Computer Science Department, sponsors a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Systems Management (Computer Science). This program combines courses in computer studies, accounting, business, economics and management. It is designed to train students for careers as software developers, systems analysts, network engineers and administrators, and information scientists. For more information, visit Information Systems Management (BS).


The ability to successfully market and sell products or services is a foundation for every business, resulting in a high demand for professionals with strong marketing skills. The Marketing Major examines consumer behavior, principles of effective selling and how to help businesses make strategic decisions regarding product development and pricing. At the completion of this program students will be equipped with useful promotion tactics to meet the customer needs and ensure businesses profitability. For information about course of study, visit Marketing (BS).

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