Tutor Profiles

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Hello, my name is Brandon. At the center, I work as an Accounting Consultant.  I have an educational background in Accounting. To me, tutoring is an opportunity to connect with other college students. Helping others from a professional perspective has enabled me to develop the passion for tutoring and to accommodate the educational needs of students.

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Barbara B. 

My name is Barbara Ballen, and I am a Biology Consultant.  I have a doctoral degree in Science. To me, my tutoring philosophy can be encapsulated in the following quote: “The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life” --Plato. 


Hi, my name is Simon, and I am a Biology Consultant and Sports Photographer. I have a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Queens College. To me, tutoring is an enlightening experience allowing for creativity and knowledge to circumvent challenges for a better learning experience.

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My name is Al, and I am a Writing Consultant. I have an educational background in Science, Math, English, and Technology, and I teach Math courses at York College. To me, tutoring means guiding and inspiring via example and self-practice. It is assisting, yet holding back so the tutee is putting in practice. Learning is then grown and demonstrated by their independence. This is our goal. 


Hello, my name is Aminata, and I am a Writing Consultant in the CLC. I graduated magna cum laude from York College with a BS in Accounting. However, don’t let this science degree fool you. My love for numbers is as big as my infatuation with words and the English language. It is not as if I had a choice anyway. I had to painfully learn that French and Wolof were no longer going to be useful for me and that writing in English was going to be my destiny. And what else can you do with destiny other than embrace it? So I did just that! Eventually, I fell in love with reading and writing, married the English language, and here I am now in a committed long-term relationship with it. Consequently, tutoring writing was inevitable. In fact, it is a way to share my skill, to help, and to encourage others who are either science majors, speak multiple languages, and/or find it difficult to express their thoughts correctly on paper. Cheer up! If I could do it, you definitely can. My philosophy is that the more a student comes to the CLC, the less he/she needs us (tutors), as each session is an opportunity to acquire all the tools necessary to be able to confidently write future papers independently, with minimal help. Writing can be frustrating sometimes, so think of me as a helping hand. To the rescue!  


I’m Andrew, and I am a Writing Consultant. I have a bachelor’s degree in English with an emphasis in Literature and Creative Writing from York College. While I was attending York College, I earned the award for Outstanding Achievement in Writing.  To me, tutoring is a process for both me and my students to ultimately become better critical thinkers. I understand the struggle of being a York College student, but optimistically I believe that with hard work all my students can thrive. I love brainstorming sessions and strengthening thesis statements. 


My name is Melissa, and I am a Writing Consultant and a current student at York College. My intended major is Nursing, and yes it is not English. English is my second language, and I had to learn to read and write it at a young age. Why not put it to a good use by helping other students’ progress academically? To me, tutoring is a great way to help one improve or excel in a subject that they struggle with. As a Consultant, my intention is to encourage my tutees as they work in order to develop their writing skills. I provide reassurance and support while still letting the student be responsible for their own work. I am a helpful guide, and I am always pleased to help. 


My name is Brianna, and I am a Writing Consultant. I am a student at York College and intend on becoming a Nursing major. From my perspective, tutoring has a significant impact on both the tutors and the students. As a Consultant, I can say that I enjoy helping others. Also, I learn how to deal with the different ways that students learn so I can accommodate their needs. Whether the students struggle to organize their ideas or need to work on their grammatical weakness, tutors are here to guide them.

Barbra T.

Hi, I’m Barbra. I work as a Writing Consultant. I have an educational background in Psychology, and I am a Master’s level Mental Health Counselor.  To me, tutoring is an opportunity to zone in on the specific points that can’t be addressed fully by professors in class and is a way to approach learning in an individualized way. 


Hi, my name is Jamaar. I am a Writing Consultant at the CLC. I have an educational background in English and Pre-Law. To me, tutoring means helping to further the writing abilities and comprehension of my York peers. In aiding to do this, I feel like I’m adding to the wealth of students’ abilities to skillfully and intelligently perform in the classroom and outside the confines of the York College community.


My name is Rsha, and I am a Writing Consultant. I have an educational background in Psychology and Health Education. To me, tutoring is a great responsibility and a rewarding experience. Tutoring means helping students reach their potential by adapting to their needs, learning styles, and acting as a guide rather than a professor. Tutoring has allowed me to appreciate the individuality of every student and has inspired me to pursue a career path in which I would interact with my environment and surroundings.


Hi, my name is Saakhena. I am a Writing Consultant. I have a BA in English.  I believe that by giving a student the tools they need to write an essay, a tutor paves the way for future writers to express their ideas. 


Getting that excellent grade on a writing assignment is what most students hope for, and as a Writing Consultant that is the path that I try to navigate my students onto. Having recently graduated from Queens College with a B.A. in English, my knowledge of the writing process well equips me to take on this role. However, my role in tutoring is not to regurgitate information about writing or fix errors for the student. What my role does enable me to do is to help students embrace their own mistakes so that they can achieve mastery by themselves with the tools that they have taken away from a session. 


Hi, my name is Winnie, and I am a Writing Consultant. I am currently attempting to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. To me, tutoring means helping students be the best possible version of themselves academically. The highlight of my workday is knowing that I helped a student express their idea clearly and concisely on paper.

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My name is Karems, and I am a Spanish Consultant. I have acquired a bachelor’s degree in Spanish from York College. To me, tutoring is a wonderful opportunity to share knowledge. To teach parts of my native language makes me proud of where I come from. Also, being able to help students is a pleasure. For me, tutoring is an honor.


Hello, my name is Yolanda. I am a Spanish Consultant. I have an educational background in Sociology and a second degree in Spanish from York College. To me, being a Consultant has been the most beautiful experience as I share my knowledge with my students and help them accomplish their goals.

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Hi, my name is Dolores. I am an Occupational Therapy tutor, and I have experience with Pediatrics, Research Methods, Advanced Neuroscience and Advanced Analysis. To me, tutoring is an important part of the learning process. Being able to provide additional resources to students to be successful in understanding class material and improve their skills means that they can become independent learners. I believe that independent learning is the highest level of learning.

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Hi, my name is Ethan and, I am a Humanities Consultant. I tutor History, Political Science, and a few other liberal arts subjects. As for my educational background, I have a BA in History from Franklin & Marshall College. For me, tutoring ideally involves patiently figuring out what a student needs help understanding, and then providing an explanation as well as suggesting learning strategies which the student can use in the future.

Meherunnesa (Limi)

Hello, I’m Meherunnesa (or you may also know me by the name of Limi).  I am a Math and Computer Science Consultant. I am majoring in Computer Science. Tutoring, to me, means helping students to achieve their goals. Tutoring is a fun way of sharing a Consultant’s knowledge with their students and thus helping them in their struggle of learning.


Hello, my name is Sandra. I am an ESL, CATW, and ATB Consultant. I have an educational background in English Literature, French Literature, and Philosophy.  I was a lecturer in York’s English Department from 1999-2002. To me, tutoring means empathizing with foreign students. I view my tutoring as a valuable exchange.


Hi, my name is Zoya, and I am a Psychology Consultant. I have an educational background in Psychology and obtained my bachelor’s in Psychology from York College. To me, tutoring is a helpful support service for students. Regardless of whether you are doing well or having trouble in a class, coming to the center to sit with a tutor to share ideas, gain clarity, understanding and extra practice will prove to be beneficial. I equip my students with effective tips and tricks to understand, memorize, and work through problems.