Student Information

This page provides information for students interested in the services provided in the Collaborative Learning Center.


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What kind of help can I get at the Collaborative Learning Center?

Your Writing Consultant will work with you on any aspect of writing:

  • helping you understand an assignment
  • generating ideas for your writing
  • finding and documenting source material
  • developing and organizing your ideas
  • grammar and mechanics

Your Discipline-Specific Consultant will work with you on:

  • explaining complex concepts and principles
  • practice using formulas
  • working with anatomical models
  • pre-exam reviews
  • homework 


Do I have to schedule my tutoring session in advance?

No, sessions can be scheduled at any time once you've registered for an account with WCOnline ( Once you've completed the registration process, you can schedule a 25-minute or 50-minute session with the consultant of your choice using the drop down menu. Once you’ve chosen a consultant, you may schedule a tutoring session by clicking on any available white time slot.


What should I bring to a tutoring session?

For help with course assignments, bring the writing assignment or homework, any work you have done so far, specific questions you may have related to your assignment, relevant materials (e.g., your textbook, handouts) and feedback from the professor.


Can I set up regular meetings to work on my writing or my subject area course?

Yes. Students can sign-up for 25-or 50-minute sessions, and can also schedule a regular time each week to meet with a consultant to work on your assignments.


Come to the Collaborative Learning Center if you want help with:

  • understanding concepts, principles, and formulas
  • with writing assignments
  • pre-exam review
  • interpreting the assignments for your writing or Writing-Intensive Class.
  • coming up with ideas, and organizing them effectively.
  • understanding how to use grammar and punctuation most effectively. Please note, the CLC Writing Consultants do not offer a proof-reading service. When you come to work on your grammar, your consultant will help you develop strategies, but he/she will not do the work for you.
  • working with anatomical models