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Information about General Education at York College

General Education at York

The goal of York College’s General Education curriculum is to enable students to acquire knowledge that will deepen their understanding of the complex world in which they live; productively engage in the political process; and develop their skills of communication, critical analysis and problem-solving.

General Education at York College follows CUNY’s Pathways model.  It is composed of three core requirements (English Composition, Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning, and Life and Physical Sciences), five flexible core domains (World Cultures and Global Issues, U.S. Experience in its Diversity, Creative Expression, Individual and Society, and Scientific World), and York’s unique college option which includes foreign language, health education, and writing requirements. Through the Pathways model, students have the opportunity to select courses from a broad array of disciplines in the liberal arts and sciences. General Education courses are designed to enhance students’ academic background, promote understanding of the historical context of current issues, foster creative expression, develop students’ self-knowledge and capacity for reasoning, emphasize the importance of obtaining and analyzing information from multiple sources, and enhance student appreciation of the diversity of world societies and cultures. 

Pathways provides a set of General Education Requirements that every student, starting in Fall 2013, must complete to earn an associate in arts (AA), associate in science (AS) or bachelor’s degree from CUNY. (Students pursuing AAS degrees may not have to fulfill all 30 credits of the Common Core.) Additionally, students in bachelor’s degree programs must meet the College Option requirement.

CUNY Pathways

In 2013, CUNY implemented the Pathways to Degree Completion initiative across its undergraduate colleges. Pathways establishes a new system of general education requirements and new transfer guidelines across the University--and by doing so reinforces CUNY's educational excellence while easing student transfer between CUNY colleges.

What is Pathways?

Pathways are the new set of general education requirements at York College and all other CUNY colleges.

Why should I care?

  • If you begin studying at York College in or after Fall 2013, Pathways applies to you. You will need to meet the Pathways requirements to graduate.
  • If you have not taken classes at York College for more than one semester, Pathways applies to you. You will need to meet the Pathways requirements to graduate.
  • If you are a continuing student who entered York College before Fall 2013, you will be able to choose whether you remain with your existing requirements or change to Pathways. If you do nothing, you will stay with your existing general education requirements. You will need to meet them to graduate. If you think Pathways requirements would be better for you, you can opt in and officially choose the Pathway requirements. You will then need to meet the Pathway requirements to graduate.

How do I opt-in to Pathways?

The instructions to opt in are here.

How do I decide what to do?

  1. Read the new Pathways general education requirements and compare them with the pre-pathways general education requirements.
  2. You should consult with an academic advisor.