Tools for Bibliography

Resources to assist with formulating citations in various formats, including APA and MLA.
box-yell2.gifHome iconAAA Style Guide (American Anthropological Association)
box-yell2.gifHome iconAIP Style Manual (American Institute of Physics)
box-yell2.gifHome iconCitation Builder
box-yell2.gifHome iconCitation Machine
box-yell2.gifHome iconCrossref DOI lookup (Hint: Use the option to "Search on article title," enter the author's last name, and enter the full title [but not any sub-title])
box-yell2.gifHome iconEasyBib Bibliography Generator (Use for MLA citations only)
box-yell5.gifHome iconEndNote Basic (access from home after creating account while on campus)
box-yell2.gifHome iconILA Style Guide (International Leadership Association)
box-yell2.gifHome iconKnightCite Citation Service
box-yell2.gifHome iconNoodleTools Express
box-yell2.gifHome iconPurdue OWL (Online Writing Lab)
box-yell5.gifHome iconRefWorks (access from home after creating account while on campus)

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box-red4.gif= Search for a journal and see which database contains it as full text or where it is indexed.

Remote access by VPN
For Remote Access, you can also log into York VPN:

After logging into VPN once, you can then access all of the reference databases from off-campus by clicking on their yellow links. (Call Academic Computing Help Desk, x5311, for VPN account info).