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Welcome to the Italian Studies Program at York College, where we offer an exciting Italian Language and Culture immersion. Our comprehensive curriculum, flexible class formats, and dedicated faculty members ensure a well-rounded educational experience.

Why Study Italian

Exploring the Italian language and culture has many advantages and immersive encounters. It reveals a world of cultural richness. With its extensive art, literature, music, and architectural heritage, Italy is a custodian of a vibrant cultural tapestry. Understanding Italian culture involves immersing oneself in the significance of food, the social rituals associated with dining, fashion, and design, and its connection with the arts.

As you probably know, Italians have an innate affinity for beauty. They like to think that if Michelangelo were to envision a perfect land, Italy would undoubtedly be his masterpiece. Immerse yourself in "la dolce vita" and embrace the Italian way of life here at York College. 

Things You Should Know About the Italian Program

  • The Italian Program at York offers a Minor in Italian Studies. The Minor (12 credits) is open to all students, irrespective of their Italian language proficiency. Specifically focused on Italian culture or society, the Minor removes any language prerequisites. All courses within the Minor emphasize Italian culture or society and are conducted in English. Tailored for students seeking to deepen their understanding of Italian culture, the Minor employs a multidisciplinary approach. Through exploring film, media, music, art, history, literature, and other facets of Italian civilization, students not only enhance their knowledge but also gain insight into the intersection of Italian studies with various disciplines.
  • The Program offers Italian language courses at various levels. The introductory courses ITAL 101 and ITAL 102 satisfy the CUNY Pathways General Education Requirements under the College Option.
  • Most program courses focusing on Italian culture or society (Humanities Courses) fulfill CUNY Pathways General Education Requirements in the Flexible Core.
  • Many HUM courses within the program comply with CUNY Pathways General Education Requirements in the Writing Intensive.
  • Language and Humanities courses are offered in various formats, including traditional, online (synchronous and asynchronous), and hybrid modalities.
  • All language and culture courses in the program do not require the purchase of textbooks or other materials. Students have access to everything they need free of charge. Some courses are entirely developed on Blackboard (BB); others utilize the supporting website, managed by Prof. Samuel Ghelli (Program Coordinator).
  • Regardless of who your course instructor is, you can always seek assistance from any professor within the program. They will be happy to support you anytime, offering guidance on course selection and tutoring if needed: Prof. Samuel Ghelli (Program Coordinator), Prof. Cinzia Berletti, Prof. Elena Luongo, and Prof. Vincenzo Selleri.

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