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York College Background

Make a Report (BIT)

The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) has been created to identify, investigate, assess, refer, monitor and take action in response to behaviors exhibited by York students that may pose a threat to the college community.

Form more information, please visit the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) webpage.


Online BIT Report Form

For All Emergencies, Call Public Safety At 718-262-2222


By Phone

Public Safety from outside the campus or from a cell phone:
Public Safety at 718-262-2222

To call inside the college telephone system:

Ext. 2222 OR Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs at 718-262-2331 

When in doubt, call Public Safety



Behaviors which warrant immediate reporting to Campus Public Safety instead of submitting this form:

  • Student displays or allegedly is carrying a weapon of any kind
  • Student threatens harm to self or others (including written indication of harms or suicide)
  • Assault of any nature including sexual assault