Junior Mathematics, Science and Humanities Symposium

Welcome to the New York City Metro regional and Long Island Junior Science and Humanities Symposia (JSHS) Program.

Time                  Activity        

 8:30-9:15am     Registration Greetings Student Presenters, Guests, Judges

 9:30-9:50am     1st Presentation

 9:50-10:10am   2nd Presentation

10:10-10:30am  3rd Presentation

10:30-10:50am  4th Presentation

10:50-11:10am  5th Presentation

11:10-11:30am  6th Presentation

11:30-11:50am  7th Presentation

11:50-12;10pm  8th Presentation

12:10-12:30pm  9th Presentation

12:30-12:50pm  10th Presentation