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Musumeci, Daniele

Musumeci, Daniele

Associate Professor
Coordinator of the B.S program and Director of the M.S. Pharmaceutical Science Program

Phone: 718-262-2765
Office Location: AC-3F01K
Email: dmusumeci@york.cuny.edu

The research in the laboratory of Daniele Musumeci centers around the investigation of crystallization processes of pharmaceutical compounds from solution and from the amorphous state. Dr. Musumeci interests include organic solid-state chemistry, crystal engineering, crystallization, polymorphism, high-resolution microscopy, and the study of the effect of additives on the crystallization of organic materials. Dr. Musumeci’s teaching interests include pharmaceutics and physical pharmacy.

Office Hours

By appointmentsend email to dmusumeci@york.cuny.edu


PhD Sheffield University Chemistry 2009 
MS Universita' di Catania Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2004 
BS Universita' di Catania Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2004 

Areas of Expertise

  • Solid-state pharmaceutical chemistry and materials science
  • Crystallization and crystal engineering
  • Amorphous solids, polymorphs and co-crystals
  • Solid-state characterization
  • High-resolution microscopy (AFM, SEM )

Publications in Field Of Expertise