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Musumeci, Daniele

Musumeci, Daniele

Curriculum Vitae
Coordinator of the B.S program and Director of the M.S. Pharmaceutical Science Program
Associate Professor

Phone: 718-262-2765
Office Location: AC-3F01K

Office Hours  
By appointment  send email to 


Degree Institution Field Dates
PhD  Sheffield University  Chemistry  2009 
MS  Universita' di Catania  Pharmaceutical Chemistry  2004 
BS  Universita' di Catania  Pharmaceutical Chemistry  2004 
The research in the laboratory of Daniele Musumeci centers around the investigation of crystallization processes of pharmaceutical compounds from solution and from the amorphous state. Dr. Musumeci interests include organic solid-state chemistry, crystal engineering, crystallization, polymorphism, high-resolution microscopy, and the study of the effect of additives on the crystallization of organic materials. Dr. Musumeci’s teaching interests include pharmaceutics and physical pharmacy.

Areas of Expertise

Solid-state pharmaceutical chemistry and materials science
Crystallization and crystal engineering
Amorphous solids, polymorphs and co-crystals
Solid-state characterization
High-resolution microscopy (AFM, SEM )

Articles in Field Of Expertise

S. Ruan, D. Musumeci, W. Zhang, A. Gujral, M. D. Ediger, L. Yu. "Surface Transport Mechanisms in Molecular Glasses Probed by the Exposure of Nano-particles." The Journal of Chemical Physics. 146 2017: 203324.

D. Musumeci, M. Hasebe, L. Yu. "Crystallization of Organic Glasses: How Does Liquid Flow Damage Surface Crystal Growth?." Crystal Growth & Design. 12 2016: 2931-2936.

I. J. Vitorica-Yrezabal, S. Libri, J. R. Loader, G. Minguez Espallargas, M. Hipper, A. J. Fletcher, S. P. Thompson, J. E. Warren, D. Musumeci, M. D. Ward, L. Brammer. "Coordination Polymer Flexibility Leads to Polymorphism and Enables a Crystalline Solid-Vapour Reaction: A Multi-technique Mechanistic Study." Chemistry- A European Journal. 21 2015: 8799-8811.

M. Hasebe, D. Musumeci, L. Yu. "Fast Surface Crystallization of Molecular Glasses: Creation of Depletion Zones by Surface Diffusion and Crystallization Flux." Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 119 2015: 3304-3311.

M. Hasebe, D. Musumeci, C. T. Powell, T. Cai,E. Gunn, L. Zhu, L. Yu. "Fast Surface Crystal Growth on Molecular Glasses and Its Termination by the Onset of Fluidity." Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 118 2014: 7638-7646.

D. Musumeci, C. T. Powell, M. D. Ediger, L. Yu. "Termination of Solid-State Crystal Growth in Molecular Glasses by Fluidity." Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. 5 2014: 1705-1710.

D. Musumeci, C. Hu, M. D. Ward. "Anticounterfeit Protection of Pharmaceutical Products with Spatial Mapping of X-ray-Detectable Barcodes and Logos." Analytical Chemistry. 83 2011: 7444-7450.

D. Musumeci, C. A. Hunter, R. Prohens, S. Scuderi, J. F. McCabe. "Virtual Co-crystal Screening." Chemical Science. 2 2011: 883-890.

D. Musumeci, M. D. Ward. "Elucidation of the crystal growth mechanism of melamine-cyanuric acid by using real time in situ atomic force microscopy." CrystEngComm. 13 2011: 1067-1069.

D. Musumeci, C. A. Hunter, J. F. McCabe. "Solvent Effects on Acridine Polymorphism." Crystal Growth & Design. 4 2010: 1661-1664.

A. Camara-Campos, D. Musumeci, C. A. Hunter, S. M. Turega. "Chemical Double Mutant Cycles for the Quantification of Cooperativity in Hydrogen-bonded Complexes." Journal of the American Chemical Society. 131 2009: 18518-18524.

K. Chadwick, R. J. Davey, G. Dent, R. G. Pritchard, C. A. Hunter, D. Musumeci. "Cocrystallyzation: A Solution Chemistry Perspective and the Case of Benzophenone and Diphenylamine." Crystal Growth & Design. 4 2009: 1990-1999.

Reviews in Field Of Expertise

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Presented Papers, Lectures, and Exhibitions and Performances

" Invited Keynote Speaker: Poorly Water-Soluble Drugs and Strategies to Improve Their Solubility " 02/01/2020: New York Section of the American Chemical Society-St. Joseph's College.

" Invited Oral Presentation: Poorly Water-Soluble Drugs and Strategies to Improve Their Solubility " 10/26/2018: CUNY-Queensborough Community College.

" Invited Oral Presentation:Crystallization of Molecular Glasses " 04/06/2015-04/10/2015: Materials Research Society Spring Meeting, San Francisco, CA, US.

" Oral Presentation:Fast Surface Crystal Growth on Organic Glasses " 12/08/2014: CUNY-Queens College, NY, US.

" Invited Oral Presentation:Fast Surface Crystal Growth and Stabilization of Amorphous Pharmaceutical Solids " 11/06/2014: Long Island subsection of New York American Chemical Society Meeting.

" Invited Oral Presentation: Fast Surface Crystal Growth on Organic Glasses " 08/04/2013-08/09/2013: International Conference on the Chemistry of the Organic Solid State XXI.

" Poster Presentation: Fast Surface Crystal Growth on Organic Glasses Studied by High- Resolution Microscopy " 10/14/2012-10/18/2012: American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists annual meeting.

" Poster Presentation: Fast Surface Crystal Growth on Organic Glasses Studied by High- Resolution Microscopy " 06/10/2012-06/15/2012: Gordon Research Conference: Crystal Engineering.


Michael Ward, Daniele Musumeci, Chunhua Hu. 2012. Methods of identifying original and counterfeit articles using micro x-​ray diffraction mapping. Patent WO 2012174232.

Professional Honors, Prizes, Fellowships

Best oral presentation award at AstraZeneca Ph.D. Day: 10/22/2008.


National Science Foundation (DMR-1828038), MRI: Acquisition of a Tabletop High-Resolution Scanning Electron Microscope. 10/01/2018 - 09/30/2021: $170,000.

Professional Staff Congress-CUNY Round 50, Study of the Impact of Intermolecular Interactions on the Heterogeneous Nucleation of Organic Molecules. 07/2019 - 06/2020: $3,500.

Professional Staff Congress-CUNY Round 49, Fast Crystallization Modes of Organic Glasses. 07/2018 - 06/2019: $3,500.

Professional Staff Congress-CUNY Round 48, Determination of Specific Binding Interactions at The Surface of Amorphous Solids. 07/2017 - 06/2018: $3,500.

Professional Staff Congress-CUNY Round 47, Study of Polymers as Crystallization Inhibitors of Poorly Water-Soluble Compounds. 07/2016 - 06/2017: $3,500.

Professional Staff Congress-CUNY Round 46, Systematic Study of the Effect of Small-Molecule Additives on Crystal Growth in Amorphous Drugs. 07/2015 - 06/2016: $3,500.

Offices Held In Professional Societies

American Chemical Society: 2013-present.

Licensed Pharmacist-Italy: 2009-present.

Supporting personnel for the ACS-Undergraduate Research Symposium,York College, NY: 05/05/2018.

Session Chair at the American Chemical Society Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting (ACS-MARM), Riverdale, NY: 06/09/2016-06/12/2016.