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Majerovitz, Deborah

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Behavioral Sciences

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Degree Institution Field Dates
PhD  City University of New York Graduate Center  Social and Personality Psychology  1993 
MA  City University of New York Graduate Center  Psychology  1990 
BA  Swarthmore College  Psychology  1982 

Professor Majerovitz has a doctoral degree in Social and Personality Psychology with a concentration in Health Psychology. Her areas of expertise include the psychology of aging, coping with chronic illness and disability, the impact of illness on marital and family relationships, and the role of social support in buffering stress. Her research interests encompass the psychological impact of family caregiving, family decision making in long term care and nursing home placement, communication in health care settings, and cultural differences in beliefs about elder care. She has worked with non-profit organizations on program evaluation, outcomes assessment, and applied health policy research.

Areas of Expertise

Health Psychology
Psychology of Aging
Family Caregiving

Articles in Field Of Expertise

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Chapters in Field Of Expertise

Majerovitz, S.D.. "Physical Health and Illness." Handbook of Girls’ and Women’s Psychological Health. 2006: 379-387.

Revenson, T.A., Abraído-Lanza, A.F., Majerovitz, S.D., & Jordan, C. "Couples' coping with chronic illness: What's gender got to do with it?." Emerging perspectives on couples' coping with stress. 2005: 137-156.

Refereed Proceedings in Field Of Expertise

Levine, G., Majerovitz, D., Schnur, E., Robinson, C., & Soman, C.. "Improving the self-esteem of at-risk youth." Northeastern Educational Research Association Conference Proceedings. 2008: .

Levine, G., Majerovitz, D., Schnur, E., Robinson, C., & Soman, C.. "Encouraging Healthy Lifestyle Choices Among At-Risk Youth: The Resolve Program." Northeastern Educational Research Association Conference Proceedings. 2009: Paper 2.

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Presented Papers, Lectures, and Exhibitions and Performances

" Supporting family caregivers in a multicultural society " September, 2008: Provost's Lecture Series, York College.

" Perceptions of elder care in an international college setting in NY City (with D. Ajuluchukwu) " November, 2007: Gerontological Society of America Annual Meeting.

" Improving communication between nursing home and family(with R. Mollott & C. Rudder) " November, 2006: Gerontological Society of America Annual Meeting.

" Raised to care for our own: Changing values and caregiving " August, 2006: American Psychological Association Annual Meeting.

" Predictors of burden among nursing home family caregivers " November, 2005: Gerontological Society of America Annual Meeting.

" How to improve nursing home working conditions? Staff know best (with Mollott, R., & Rudder, C.) " November, 2005: Gerontological Society of America Annual Meeting.

" Concern for family burden and preferences for dementia research (with Berger, J.T.) " November, 2004: Gerontological Society of America.

" The survey of caregiving attitudes: A new tool for understanding cultural differences in caregiving research " November, 2003: Gerontological Society of America.

" The changed relationshipA comparison of spouses and other kin adusting to nursing home placement (with Steinmayer, K., Singh, G., & Abrams, N.) " November, 2002: Gerontological Society of America.

" From American Indian women to Puerto Rican feminists to female students at York College: Fishman, Waldman, and Majerovitz on women and work (with Fishman, L., & Waldman, G.) " November, 2001: York College Faculty Forum.

" Women's Health for the New Century " March, 2001: York College Women's History Month Lecture Series.

" Only the place has changed: Maintaining a spousal role after nursing home admission (with Mentor-Portillo, M, & Basdeo, P) " November, 2000: Gerontological Society of America.

" The nursing home placement experience for the spouse who remains at home: Developing a grounded theory of psychological adjustment. (with Mentor-Portillo, M., & Basdeo, P.) " April, 2000: Northeastern Anthropological Society.

" Mother bashing: Why psychologists blame women for everything " March, 2000: York College Women's History Month program.

" Correlates of psychological adjustment among spouses of newly admitted nursing home residents (with Mentor-Portillo, M.) " November, 1999: National Minority Research Symposium.

" Women in the middle: Changing roles and conflicting responsibilities of work and family care " March, 1999: York College Women's History Month program.

" The Test for Severe Impairment: Validation against the Dementia Rating Scale (with Foldi, N., Sheikh, K., & Rodriguez, E. " July, 1998: International Neuropsychological Society.

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" Formal versus informal support: Stress buffering among dementia caregivers " August, 1995: American Psychological Association.

" The role of family adaptability in psychological adjustment of spouse caregivers of dementia patients " December, 1994: Winthrop-University Hospital, Basic Science Lecture Series.

" Interpersonal care of older patients in the emergency department (with Greene, M., Adelman, R., Brody, G. & Healy, S.) " November, 1994: Gerontological Society of America.

" Family adaptability and predictors of burden for spouse caregivers to dementia patients " November, 1993: Gerontological Society of America.

" Reducing nosocomial clostridium difficile colitis: A test of the tympanic membrane thermometer (with Grogan, K) " November, 1993: Gerontological Society of America.

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" Social support as stress-buffer for spouses of rheumatoid arthritis patients (with Revenson, T.A.) " October, 1990: Arthritis Health Professions Association.

" Living with a chronically ill spouse: Network support as stress buffer (with Revenson, T.A.) " August, 1990: American Psychological Association.

" The impact of rheumatoid arthritis on the spouse. (with Revenson, T.A.) " June, 1990: Northeast Chapter Arthritis Health Professions Association.

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" Social support among rheumatoid arthritis patients (with Revenson, T.A., & Schiaffino, K.) " November, 1988: Gerontological Society of America.

" Assessment of coping efficacy within the context of chronic illness (with Revenson, T.A., & Schiaffino, K.) " August, 1988: American Psychological Association.

Professional Honors, Prizes, Fellowships

American Psychological Association Dissertation Award: 1992.

Belle Zeller Fellowship, Professional Staff Congress, CUNY: 1990-1991.

Gerontological Society of America Predoctoral Fellow: 1990.

Arthritis Foundation, New York Chapter. Summer Student Fellowship: 1988.


Professional Staff Congress, City University of New York., Cultural Attitudes and Caregiving.. 2007-2008: .

Professional Staff Congress, City University of New York., Validation of the Cultural Attitudes and Caregiving Scale. 2005-2006: .

Professional Staff Congress, City University of New York., Kinship and family cohesion in the nursing home: A qualitative analysis. 2003-2004: .

Professional Staff Congress, City University of New York., The impact of caregiving responsibilities on academic performance. 2000-2001: .

National Institutes of Health, MBRS Program, The impact of nursing home placement on the psychological adjustment of Family Caregivers. 2000-2003: $105,000.

Professional Staff Congress, CUNY, The experience of placing a spouse with dementia in a nursing home. 1999-2000: .

National Institute of Mental Health, B/START Program, Adjustment to a demented spouse’s nursing home placement. 1995-1996: $25,000.

Other Professional Activities and Public Service

Board Member - Nursing Home Community Coalition of New York State: 2002 - 2009.

Ad Hoc Journal Reviewer: Arthritis Care and Research, Chronic Illness, Journal of Social and Personal Relationships: .