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Foster, Catherine

Foster, Catherine

Curriculum Vitae

Doctoral Lecturer

Phone: 718-262-5314
Office Location: AC-3F01H

Office Hours  
Wednesday  2 - 4 pm 
Thursday  2 - 4 pm 


Degree Institution Field Dates
BA  Willamette University  Chemistry  1994 
PhD  University of Washington  Chemistry  2000 

Books in Field Of Expertise

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Articles in Field Of Expertise

. DiLeo, D. Romano, L. Schaeffer, B. Gersten, C. Foster, and M. Gelabert. "Effect of Complexing Agent on Hydrothermal Growth of ZnO Crystals." Journal of Crystal Growth. 271 2004: 65–73.

C. Foster, B.P. Barham, and P.J. Reid. "Resonance Raman Intensity Analysis of OClO Dissolved in Chloroform: The Role of Nonpolar Solvation Dynamics." Journal of Chemical Physics. 114 2001: 8492–8504.

A. Esposito, C. Foster, and P.J. Reid. "Investigating the Environment-Dependent Photophysics of Chlorine Dioxide with Resonance Raman Intensities." Laser Chemistry. 19 1999: 205–309.

C. Foster and P.J. Reid. "The Excited State Reaction Dynamics of Chlorine Dioxide in Water from Absolute Resonance Raman Intensities." Journal of Physical Chemistry. 102 1998: 3541–3549.

P.J. Reid, A. Esposito, C. Foster, and R. Beckman. "Evidence for the 2A1 State in Chlorine Dioxide from Resonance Raman Depolarization Ratios." Journal of Chemical Physics. 107 1997: 8262–8274.

A. Esposito, C. Foster, R. Beckman, and P.J. Reid. "Resonance Raman Intensity Analysis of the Condensed-Phase Reaction Dynamics of Chlorine Dioxide." Journal of Physical Chemistry. 101 1997: 5309–5319.

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