Sunmonu, Adefemi

Professor and Chair
Mathematics and Computer Science

Phone: 718-262-2553
Office Location: AC-2C07

Office Hours 
Tuesday 11 AM - 1.30 PM 
Thursday 11 AM - 1.30 PM 


PhD University of Pittsburgh Numerical Analysis 1992 
MS University of Pittsburgh Computer Science 1994 
MS University of Ife Applied Mathematics 1986 
BS University of Nigeria Applied Mathematics 1983 

Ordinary differential equations, fluid mechanics, parallel programming, programming languages, numerical analysis, integral equations, wavelets, radial basis functions.

Areas of Expertise

Applied Mathematics
Differential Equations
Numerical Analysis

Books in Field Of Expertise

Adefemi Sunmonu. Elementary Differential Equations, A Step – By – Step Approach. NY: Linus Publications, 2011. 529.

Articles in Field Of Expertise

A. Sunmonu, W. J Layton and N. Troyani. "A Mathematical Model of Side Ledge Position in Aluminum Reduction Cells." Numer. Methods in Eng. Simulation, Comp. Mech. 1996: 385-394.

A. Sunmonu. "Galerkin Method for a Nonlinear Parabolic - Elliptic System with Nonlinear Mixed Boundary Conditions." Num. Meth. PDE. 9 1993: 235-259.

A. Sunmonu. "Implementation of a Novel Element - by - Element Finite Element Method on the Hypercube." Comp. Meth. In Applied Mech. and Eng.. 123 1995: 43-51.

A. Sunmonu. "Implementation of Wavelet Solutions to Second Order Differential Equations with Maple.." Applied Mathematical Sciences. 6 2012: 6311 - 6326.

Refereed Proceedings in Field Of Expertise

A. Sunmonu, W. J. Layton, J. Maubach and P. Rabier. "Parallel Finite Element Methods." ISMM Conference On Parallel and Distributed Computing. 1993: 299-304.

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Professional Honors, Prizes, Fellowships

Fulbright Scholar: 1986-1992.


GRI/NIH, Calculation and visualization of solutions of differential and difference equations. 1994-1995: 78506.

Other Professional Activities and Public Service

Project Evaluator for World Bank Centers of Excellence in Ghana: October 2013.

Sunmonu, Adefemi

Sunmonu, Adefemi
Mathematics and Computer Science