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Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers programs in Mathematics (BA and BS) and Computer Science (BS). The department also offers a minor in mathematics and a minor in computer science.

Mathematics Advisement: Please contact the Mathematics Advisor, Dr. Lidia Gonzalez, to make an appointment.
Computer Science Advisement: Please contact the Computer Science Advisor, Dr. Lou D'Alotto, to make an appointment.

The objectives of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science are threefold:

  • To prepare students for professional careers in mathematics, and computer science;
  • To satisfy the mathematical needs of students majoring in other disciplines; and
  • To help all students develop or review basic mathematical skills and understanding.

The Department seeks to achieve these objectives through its course offerings, and a variety of supplemental learning resources.

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For information about tutoring for our courses or to become a peer tutor visit the Collaborative Learning Center.

Mission Statements

Mathematics (BA/BS) Program

The goal of the department is to provide each mathematics major the opportunity to develop breadth and depth in theoretical and applied areas of mathematics, including computer and mathematics for teaching.  Students will acquire abstract thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills which are applicable in nearly every area of life.  The department aims to provide a supportive learning environment where students are given an opportunity to develop mathematically to their maximum potential.  Students, with guidance from faculty, may participate in research opportunities in mathematics individually or in collaboration with their peers as well as in co-curricular activities such as seminar talks and conferences.  After graduating from York College, the mathematics major may pursue graduate studies toward an advanced degree and/or work in his/her chosen career.

Computer Science (BS) Program

Our mission is to provide students the opportunity to learn about both the applied and theoretical aspects of computer science in order that they be able to apply this knowledge to solve real world problems in an increasingly diverse, ever-changing, and technology-driven world. In particular, students majoring in Computer Science will learn basic and advanced programming; design and analysis of computer algorithms and computer hardware; the mathematical theory of languages and their application to the design of computer languages; management of large software projects; and how computer operating systems work. Students may choose to work individually or in collaboration with peers and guided by faculty on projects that strengthen their academic preparation and to showcase their work at the college and beyond.  It is our goal that students’ initial interest in computer science be nurtured and developed to its full potential so that upon graduation they may successfully undertake graduate work or enter the workforce as computer professionals in areas such as computer systems analysts, software developers, systems programmers, scientific/engineering applications programmers, or any in a list of ever-expanding technology-focused careers.

Program Goals

Mathematics (BA/BS)

  • Students should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the core concepts of differential and integral calculus, differential equations, and linear algebra 
  • Students should be able to demonstrate the ability to think logically and construct logical arguments, and to apply mathematical proof techniques in a wide variety of mathematical areas, including algebra and analysis.
  • Students should be able to demonstrate the ability to analyze and solve problems in applied mathematics, both through theoretical and applied techniques.
  • Students should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the problems and techniques of classical and modern mathematics.

Computer Science (BS)

  • Prepare students to be able to demonstrate understanding and competency in the theoretical aspects of computer science, software engineering and digital technology.
  • Prepare students to be able to demonstrate understanding and competency in the system aspects of computer science including computational thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Prepare students to be able to demonstrate understanding and competency in the practical applications of computers, computer technology and innovative digital technology.

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
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Dr. Radoslaw Wojciechowski
Department Chair

Dr. Lidia Gonzalez
Assistant Chair in Mathematics

Dr. Lou D'Alotto
Assistant Chair in Computer Science

Evelyn Munoz
College Assistant