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Khoukhi, Amar

Khoukhi, Amar

Curriculum Vitae

Doctoral Lecturer
Mathematics and Computer Science

Phone: 718-262-2535
Office Location: AC-2C07

Office Hours  
M/W  2:00PM-3:00PM 


Degree Institution Field Dates
PhD  University of Montreal  Mechatronics  2007 
MSc  University of Paris  Computer Science  1991 
DBA  University of Paris  Mathematics  1985 
Dr. Amar Khoukhi has been a Doctoral Lecturer with the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, York College, CUNY, since September 2022. He teaches various courses and is involved in curriculum development and assessment committees. Prior, he used to be with Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where he taught courses and contributed to research projects in applied mathematics, control systems and robotics. He received a PhD from the University of Montreal, Canada June 2007, a third cycle doctorate from University of Paris and an Advanced Diploma of University Studies in mathematics from Paris IX Dauphine University. Over the last several years, he had been involved in various research projects in the fields of applied mathematics, robotics and data science, and published five patents and more than 100 peer-reviewed conference and journal papers. Dr. Khoukhi is a senior member of IEEE, Sigma Xi, and Emerald Literacy Association.

Areas of Expertise

Applied Mathematics & Computational Methods
Control Systems and Robotics
Curriculum Design and Development

Articles in Field Of Expertise

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A. Khoukhi. "An Integrated Approach to Multi-Objective Gait Planning of Bipedal Robots." International Journal of Vehicle Autonomous Systems. 7, Issue 1/2 2009: 96 – 117.

A. Khoukhi. "A distributed multi-agent architecture for intelligent navigation of mobile robots." Int’l Journal of Factory Aut, Rob & Soft Computing. 5 issue 1 2009: 140-146.

Professional Honors, Prizes, Fellowships

Sigma Xi, Member: Sept 2019.

IEEE Senior Member: 2010.

Best Paper Award, NAFIPS’2007 Conf. San Diego, CA: 24-27 June, 2007.

Emerald Literacy Association: Since 2005.


ARM Institute, RPI, Regional Robotic Innovation Collaborative for Industrial Manipulation. 2017-2022: $2.3M.

Fuzzy optimal motion planning of wheeled like car mobile robots, NSERC-8090371 Canada. 2006-2007: $85k.

NSERC Canada, PhD Scholarship. 2004-2007: $68k.

Strategic-NSERC 269579, Fuzzy Genetic Decision Support Systems. 2004-2008: $1.8M.

Other Professional Activities and Public Service

Reviewer for the Frontiers In Education Conference: 2017-2023.

Reviewer for the MIT-Undergraduate Research in Technology Conf: 2020-2023.