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York College programs from recent to past shows 2018-2008


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  • Selected Scenes of Sarah Ruhl

    Season 2018-2019. Sarah Ruhl an American playwright creates her plays based on relatable women perspective on life issues.

  • Big Love

    Season 2018-2019. Women try to find their identity in the midst of marriage, anger, and heartaches.

  • Milk Like Sugar

    Season 2018-2019. Three friends make a promise to get pregnant together, one friend however doesn't believe it's a smart idea.

  • Hair

    Season 2017-2018. A musical that embraces revolution, love and hippie culture.

  • Reasons to be Pretty

    Season 2017-2018. This play hopes to give the audience a message about loving your race while seeing the beauty in yourself.

  • Last Days of Judas

    Season 2017-2018. Judas awaits trial to see if he is worthy of God's forgiveness.

  • The Water Carriers

    Season 2016-2017. In a shipment container, a group of refugees illegally migrate from Africa.

  • Tartuffe

    Season 2016-2017. Originally performed in 1664 is a famous theatrical comedy.

  • Race

    Season 2016-2017. A play by David Mamet, where characters fight for dominance.

  • Romeo and Juliet

    Season 2015-2016. Forbidden love and tragic deaths

  • Twilight 1992: LA

    Season 2015-2016. Los Angeles riots over the course of days

  • Intimate Apparel

    Season 2015-2016. A seamstress thinks she has found love but it may not be what it seems.

  • Our Lady of 121st Street

    Season 2015-2016. The body of a dead nun has been stolen and tensions run high

  • Teach for America

    Season 2014-2015. Combines teaching with the experience of living in New York.

  • Strange World's In My Mind

    Season 2014-2015. Being a young person of color dealing with race and identity in America.

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