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One York Brotherhood

One York Brotherhood is a community and safe space for students to discuss academic, socio-emotional and cultural topics that are relevant to their educational growth and personal development.

All are welcome and men of color are highly encouraged to attend. Presented by The York Male Initiative. To learn more about our programs, please visit us in the Men's Center, located in room AC-3M02 during our office hours or call (718) 262-3772.


One York Brotherhood Sessions


One York Brotherhood Podcasts

Ep 1: EQ Advantage - Roosevelt Smith & Pervis Taylor 10/04/23

Ep 2: Confidence - Roosevelt Smith & Pervis Taylor 10/11/23

Ep 3: Personal Image - Roosevelt Smith, Jeffrey Ampratwum & Kenny Robson Occena 10/18/23

Ep 4: Overcoming Anxiety & Responsible Decision Making - Roosevelt Smith & Kim Melendez 11/02/23

Ep 5: Conflict Resolution - Roosevelt Smith & Pervis Taylor 11/08/23