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10 Steps to a Longer Life

Some guidelines provided by the HPC for Longer and Healthier Life

  1. Have a regular doctor or other health care provider. For free or low-cost health insurance: Call HealthSTAT or the Child/Teen Health Program at 311.
  2. Be Tobacco-Free. Quit smoking and avoid second-hand smoke to prolong your life and protect those around you. Call the Smoker’s Quitline at 311.
  3. Keep Your Heart Healthy. Keep your blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight at healthy levels to prevent heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, and other diseases.
  4. Know your HIV status. Get tested for HIV. Reduce risky behaviors and use condoms to protect yourself and others.
  5. Get help for Depression. Depression can be treated. Talk to your doctor or a mental Health professional. Call 1-800-LIFENET for help.
  6. Live Free of Dependence on Alcohol and Drugs. Call 1-800-LIFENET for help.
  7. Get Checked for Cancer.
    1. If you are 50 or older, get a Colonoscopy every 10 years. Colonoscopies can prevent colon cancer.

    2. Women 18- 65 (and others at high risk) should have a regular Pap smear. Regular pap smears can prevent cervical cancer.

    3. Women 40 and older should (and others at high risk should have a Mammogram each year and do Breast-Self Exams each month. Mammograms can detect breast cancer early and save lives.

  8. Get the Immunizations that you need. People 50 and older (and
    others at high risk) should get a Flu shot each year while people 65
    and older (and others at high risk) should get a Pneumonia vaccine one
    time. Remember that Flu shots save lives.
  9. Make your home safe and healthy. Have a home that is free from
    violence and free from environmental hazards. Purchase smoke and carbon
    monoxide detectors. Check for peeling paint inside your home and make
    sure that you check the security of window bars (especially in homes
    that have small children under 6.) Have your child tested for lead at 1
    and 2 years. For help, please call 1-800-HOPE or 311.
  10. Have a Healthy Baby. Planning pregnancy helps ensure a healthy
    mother and a healthy baby. More information can be obtained by calling
    Women’s Healthline at 311.