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MSW Scholar and NASW Ambassador - Writing Process Recordings


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Join York MSW Scholar and NASW Ambassor Weena Sanchez for a panel discussion

In this event, attendees will learn how to write a process recording, why it's helpful to write process recordings, and things to consider when writing them. Attendees will look at PRs from the viewpoint of the reader/supervisor and of the writer/student. Additionally, they will take a look at what they usually get from PRs; e.g. noticing silent moments, open-ended questions, & close-ended questions.


  • Weena Sanchez -- NASW-NYC CARES Member Ambassador, CUNY York College, Class of 2022


  • Farah Mohmad, LMSW -- A social Worker at the Center for Court Innovation at the Community Healing & Wellness program in Red Hook, Farah works with individuals with misdemeanor cases by providing them with counseling & case management services, in addition to making any community-based referrals.
  • Shawn Deverteuil, LMSW - The Clinical Services Manager at Neighbors in Action, a project of the Center For Court Innovation in Brooklyn, NY, Shawn leads the Therapeutic Services which provides support to individuals impacted by community violence through supportive victim services, individual and group counseling, crisis management, advocacy, & case management.