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Making Connections from First-Year Writing to Writing Intensive Courses


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The 5th Annual WAC Colloquium is an interactive faculty event focusing on student writing instruction.

Please save the date to join us for a discussion at the 5th annual WAC Colloquium!

The Colloquium will be an interactive faculty event focusing on student writing instruction, organized around the theme of making connections in the writing curriculum.

The 5th annual WAC colloquium is arranged as a session of three conversations with instructors of writing curriculum and writing-intensive courses at York, so please bring your questions and comments for discussion!

Guiding Questions:

  • What can instructors expect from students who have completed ENG 125 or 126?
  • How can lower-level writing-intensive courses connect and encourage the transfer of skills?
  • How can writing in the disciplines build on students’ previous writing experiences?


  1. A Recursive Approach to Writing: First-year Composition and the WI Course Sequence Shereen Inayatulla, Writing Program Director, Moderator
  2. Making Connections: A Unified Writing Curriculum Jonathan Hall, WAC Coordinator: Writing Fellows and Assessment, Moderator
  3. Introducing Writing in the Disciplines Pods: A New Model for Writing Professional Development Matt Garley, WAC Coordinator: Writing Intensive Courses and Student Advisement, Moderator

Special guests:

  • Fenio Annansingh-Jamieson, Business & Economics
  • Greet Van Belle, Director, Center for Teaching, Learning, and Educational Technologies
  • Carly Gieseler, Performing and Fine Arts
  • George Lam, Music Program Coordinator, Performing and Fine Arts
  • Lilly Mathew, Nursing
  • Kamran Moshref, Writing Across the Curriculum Fellow

For inquiries about the event, please contact one of the WAC coordinators: Matt Garley or Jonathan Hall