Assessing the "General": Why, How and What to Assess for Pathways



The General Education Assessment Committee and the office of Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning, cordially invite you to attend our very first workshop on General Education Assessment.

Hosted by Dr. Timothy Paglione, Chair of the GEAC

Since CUNY’s General Education Program is reformed into “Pathways”, the new name seems more likely for us to overlook the very nature of the general education, which is to teach students “general” knowledge, skills and perspectives.

Through this “hands-on” workshop, participants will experience and understand what is being assessed for Pathways, how assessment of the general education program is conducted, and what role the General Education Assessment Committee, departments and faculty who teach Pathways courses collaboratively play in assessing Pathways’ Student Learning Outcomes.

Participants will also have a chance to discuss the challenges we often face regarding the assessment and improvement of our General Education Program.

This is an exciting opportunity for us to get together and discuss teaching and learning on general education. We look forward to seeing you on  March 21!

Please RSVP to or  A detailed agenda will be sent to you late this week or early next.


General Education Assessment Committee Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning