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Johnson, David

Johnson, David

Assistant Professor

Behavioral Sciences

Phone: 718-262-2618
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My research focuses on the learning and memory processes by which humans accomplish the important goal of anticipating and avoiding danger. In my lab, we use classical fear conditioning as a model paradigm to study these processes on behavioral, genetic and psychophysiological levels of analysis. One line of research explores ways in which fear memories can be altered during memory reconsolidation. Another line of research examines how shared social group membership can impact learning that occurs by observing the experiences of other individuals. A primary goal of this research is to understand the role that emotional learning processes and associated neural mechanisms play in the development of fear-related disorders such as PTSD and phobia, with the hope that the findings will inform better diagnosis and more effective clinical treatments of these disorders.

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PhD Weill Cornell Medical College Neuroscience 2015 
BA New York University Psychology 2008 

Areas of Expertise

  • Learning, Memory, Emotion

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