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Customer Service and Complaint System

York College provides all students the ability to lodge complaints or customer service comments electronically using this system. This form takes the place of a paper process. Any response or actions required will only be handled during normal business hours.

Please Do Not Use This System for the following:

  • Imminent Danger: If you believe you or another person is in danger of imminent harm, please do NOT use this system. Contact York College Public Safety (x2222) or call 911 immediately.
  • Criminal Activity: If you believe you or another person are the victims of a crime, please do NOT use this system. Contact York College Public Safety (x2222).
  • Union Grievances: If you wish to file a grievance alleging a violation of your Collective Bargaining Agreement, please do NOT use this system. Please contact your union representative.


All complaints are taken seriously and will be reviewed by the appropriate departments responsible for such submissions…

Examples of complaints that may be made using this system include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Employee misconduct
  • Student misconduct
  • Academic complaints (e.g., grades, class, schedules, or professors)

Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct: If you experience or witness someone else experiencing sexual misconduct or discrimination, please contact York College’s Office of Diversity and Compliance 

Support Requests: If you have a technology need or issue or if you have a need for services like custodial, facilities, or other there are self-service portals in place to address these kinds of service needs: Contact IT for technology needs at ext. 5311 or contact B&G at ext. 2200

If you wish to make a complaint, other than described above, you may proceed with this system.