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Cohort program

Calling All High School Seniors. Want to become a Teacher? A Clinical Lab Scientist?

Hurry – we have 20 spots open in each major AND you might be eligible for a $4,000 stipend!


How does the cohort program differ from the standard program?

Students in the cohort program are required to attend on a full-time basis. Students in the standard program have the option to take most classes on a part-time basis (except internship and student teaching). Cohort students will have priority placement in courses in the major.

Once I’ve applied, what are the next steps?

Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria will be scheduled for an in-person interview with department faculty. When on campus for the interview, applicants will be asked to submit a writing sample.

How is it determined which students will obtain the stipend?

The top performing students for each cohort (Teacher Education and CLS) will be awarded a stipend of $4000 each academic year. Eight of the 20 students accepted to each cohort will be awarded a stipend.

Am I still eligible to apply for financial aid if I’m awarded a stipend?


If I am awarded the stipend, what can it be used for?

Books, travel expenses, and other fees or expenses not covered by financial aid.

Do I need to demonstrate financial need to be eligible for the cohort or stipend?


If I’m accepted to the cohort, am I automatically accepted to the program?

No-all students in the cohort must meet the program eligibility criteria when they apply to the program. If accepted to the program, all retention criteria apply.

When will candidates be notified of acceptance to the cohort?

Beginning April 1.

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