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York College Science and Technology Entry Program

Program Opportunities

For our current STEP students, click on the link to apply to a specific program offerings.

For current 10th and 12th graders

Note: STEP students can choose to enroll in one College Now course for the Fall 2021 semester.  College Now participants must be NYC public school students with OSIS numbers.

HTML/CSS Coding Summer Bootcamp

(July - August 2022)

Join our virtual summer coding Bootcamp and you can pick up some coding skills. You will learn a variety of programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript from scratch. You will gain the skills needed to build websites and get started on the path to becoming a web developer.

Session I for students entering grades 7-9

  • Dates: July - August 2022.
  • Course Topics: HTML, CSS, Responsive CSS & Box Model, CSS Flexbox, CSS Frameworks, Course Projects

Session II for students entering grades 10-12

  • Dates: July - August 2022. 
  • Course Topics: HTML, CSS, Responsive CSS & Box Model, JavaScript, Course Projects

Application opens in Spring 2022. 

York STEP Virtual Tutoring!

(for all grades)

Registration opens in October 2021.

Would you like a Tutor to double-check your homework, prepare for final exams/projects, practice for next year's Math and ELA, or give you test-taking tips and academic advice?  

Tutors are available by subject and grade level (in parenthesis next to their names). You must be an accepted York STEP Student to get these free services! Please read below:

  • Sessions are scheduled in 30-minute increments but will run for 25 minutes. Come prepared with the specific topic!
  • Appointments: 
    • You can schedule up to 1 appointment per day up to 5 appointments per week.
    • Appointments can only be scheduled 5 hours or more in advance.
    • Students can cancel an appointment up to 20 hours in advance. Three no-shows will deactivate your account!
    • When an appointment is made, the student and the tutor receive confirmation emails.

York STEP Spring Virtual Coding!

(for grades 7-8)

Join us virtually via Zoom to learn the 21st century coding skills! Our small class size is the best way for kids to stay engaged and to develop problem-solving and coding skills.

No prior experience required!

Dates: April - June 2022

Application opens in January 2022. 

STEP Virtual Field Trips

(for all grades)

As part of York College’s Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP), we are scheduling Virtual Field Trips for you and your family. Let’s prove that we can learn about science and technology anywhere while staying safe and healthy. 

LocationsDay & Time

Liberty Science Center

Science on a Sphere’s Violent Planet: Let’s end the school year with a Big Bang! From our planet’s currently active volcanoes and earthquakes to Earth’s distant past, this lab explores the often violent forces that have shaped our planet.

September 18th @ 1:00PM