Campus Parking is managed by the Department Public Safety which includes issuing permits and enforcement of campus parking regulations.

All vehicles must have a valid York Parking Permit to lawfully park on College property. All unregistered vehicles, as well as vehicles parked in violation of the campus Parking Regulations, are subject to penalty.

Parking on the College campus is at the vehicle operator's risk. The registered driver is responsible for the use of the vehicle on campus. The College is NOT responsible for loss or damage to any registered or other vehicles, its contents, or equipment. The payment of parking fees provides only for the privilege of parking on campus, on a space-available basis.

Parking privileges are only granted once the required documentation is validated by the Public Safety Office. Upon validation only will the parking permit be issued to the vehicle/permit holder. Parking Permits must be displayed within the Permit Holder's Vehicle with the College Logo and ID Number facing outwards, ideally from the rearview mirror, or some other suitable, secure location in the vehicle. If there is no suitable, stable, or secure front facing surface in the holder's vehicle to display the pass, it's recommended that you store the permit securely in the glovebox, console etc, before placing the vehicle in motion. Lost or stolen parking permits must be reported to the New York City Police department.

Parking permits are NOT REFUNDABLE or REPLACEABLE. If a permit is lost or stolen, a new permit must be purchased at full price.

Purchasing a Parking Permit

There are two ways to purchase your permit to enable access to the lots on campus. One is to use the online portal or in person at the Public Safety Office (Academic Core Building, Room 1M02).


Credit or Debit Card

Save Time and Get Out of Line!

Students, faculty, and staff can now conveniently purchase their for a parking permit online by visiting

  • Purchasing your permit online is safe, secure, fast, and easy!
  • Less time spent waiting on an endless line!
  • You can even pay parking violations online without ever having to set foot on campus.


  1. Visit and log in using your York Network ID
  2. Entering your License Plate and follow the Instructions
  3. Purchase online
  4. Bring documents (listed below) to public safety 1M02
    • York College Identification Card (Validated)
    • Valid Driver's License
    • Car registration (which must be in the student's name or in the family name, or must match the address of the college member obtaining the parking permit.)
  5. Permit issued

Convenience Fee - As a convenience to you, York College accepts credit or debit cards for online parking permit purchasing and the online payment of parking violations. If you choose to pay with a credit or debit card, you will be charged a fee of 2.65%. This fee is nonrefundable and is used to cover the cost of processing credit and debit cards.

Purchase In Person

Cash, Check, or Money Order

Those wishing to pay by check, cash, or money order:

  • You must visit the Public Safety Office and pick up the permit application
  • Bring Application and then pay the applicable parking fees at the Bursar's Office
  • Return to the Public Safety Office with their receipt to be issued the parking permit.

Parking Fee Schedule

Type of PermitEmployeesStudentsContinuing and
Professional Education
Instructors and Students
Reserved (President Cabinet)
Daily Permit 10-Day$57.00$57.00$57.00-
Daily Permit 5-Day$29.00$29.00$29.00-
Annual Full-Time Employees$275.00--$365.00
Annual Part-Time Employees$200.00---
Fall Semester Full-Time Employees$160.00---
Fall Semester Part-Time Employees$125.00-$69.00-
Student Semester-$103.00$58.00-
Summer Permit$55.00$35.00$35.00-
Winter Permit
(Only Applies to Students Without a Fall Parking Permit)

All fees and fines quoted in these procedures have been approved by the York College Auxiliary Enterprises Corporation and are subject to change without notice.