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  • Sarah Ruhl

    Sarah Ruhl

    Season 2018-2019

  • Sarah Ruhl-1

    Sarah Ruhl-1

    Women discussing issues

  • Sarah Ruhl-2

    Sarah Ruhl-2

    Doctors use clinical device on women to treat hysteria.

  • Sarah Ruhl-3

    Sarah Ruhl-3

    As a bank teller gets tailored she has unresolved emotional thoughts

  • Big Love

    Big Love

    Season 2018-2019

  • Big Love-1

    Big Love-1

    Modern realization of Greek tragedy

  • Big Love-2

    Big Love-2

    Big Love was written by the American playwright Charles L. Mee

  • Big Love-3

    Big Love-3

    Brides flee in an attempt to escape marriage.

  • Milk Like Sugar

    Milk Like Sugar

    Season 2018-2019

  • Milk Like Sugar-1

    Milk Like Sugar-1

    Teenage girls form a pack to get pregnant together in high school

  • Milk Like Sugar-2

    Milk Like Sugar-2

    Being a pregnant teenager may not be the right thing to do when your whole life is ahead of you

  • Milk Like Sugar-3

    Milk Like Sugar-3

    The value of their friendship is questioned when one friend gets pregnant and the other is uncertain

  • Hair


    Seasons 2017-2018

  • Hair-1


    An American tribal love rock musical

  • Hair-2


    Hippie culture

  • Hair-3


    A Broadway hit show now re-interpreted by York College Theatre

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