Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers degree programs in Mathematics (B.A. and B.S.)and Computer Science (B.S.).

The degree programs in Mathematics and Computer Science are described under those headings. The objectives of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science are threefold:

  • To prepare students for professional careers in mathematics, and computer science;
  • To satisfy the mathematical needs of students majoring in other disciplines; and
  • To help all students develop or review basic mathematical skills and understanding.

The Department seeks to achieve these objectives through its course offerings, and a variety of supplemental learning resources. For a list of requirements and electives for our majors and minors visit Programs / Courses.


Students majoring in mathematics may develop breadth and depth in theoretical and applied areas of mathematics, including computer mathematics. They may prepare for careers in teaching, industry, or government. After graduation from York College, the mathematics major may pursue graduate studies toward an advanced degree as a full-time student, or as a part-time student while working in his or her chosen career.

Computer Science

The major in Computer Science is designed for students who want to learn about computers and their interrelation with mathematics and with engineering and the physical sciences. In particular, students majoring in Computer Science will learn basic and advanced programming; design and analysis of computer algorithms for both correctness and efficiency; design and analysis of computer hardware; what is and is not mathematically possible to compute; about the mathematical theory of languages and how these theories apply to the design of computer languages, including language comparisons and implementations; management of large software projects; and how a computer operating system works. Students who successfully complete the program will be prepared for employment as computer professionals, including computer systems analysts, software developers, systems programmers, and scientific or engineering applications programmers, or for graduate school in computer science or a related field.

Mathematics and Computer Science
Academic Core Bldg, Room 2C07