Welcome to Y-Connect Self Service Portal

What is Y-Connect

  • York College’s ‘311’ service, direct access student helpline
  • The online source for reaching York College services, to easily navigate open issues, questions, and problems
  • A web based self service for students, faculty, and staff
  • A quick link connection to save time

Why you need it?

  • User friendly
  • Time efficient, simplifies the hassle of long lines and multiple visits
  • Immediate confirmation, reliable status updates, and notification alerts

Where you can find them on campus?

Academic Core Building Following Locations


Kiosk Location


AC- 2C01


AC- 1B07


AC- 1G02

Financial Aid

AC- 1E01 Corridor

Health Services

AC- 1F01


AC- 1H08

Scholarship Center

AC- 4DA1

Student Development

AC- 2F01

Testing Center

AC- 1D05

Writing Center

AC- 1C18

H Corridor by Human ResourcesAC-2H01