IT Service Delivery Unit Schedule

The Service Delivery Unit at York College is your main contact point for all Information Technology requests. We are committed to maintaining outstanding levels of excellence in servicing all your requests. We are comprised of Service Desk Analysts, Computer Systems Field Support Specialist and Telecommunication Support. Additionally we represent all other groups in Information Technology responsible for maintaining the entire technology infrastructure at York College.

The YConnect Contact Center is located in the Academic Core Building, Room 2E03D. a variety of IT personnel work from morning to evening, supporting a wide variety of IT challenges. Please be aware that hours of operation change depending on time of year and walk- in hours are limited to the Library YConnect Station 9AM-5PM. From time to time there will be gaps in coverage but these will be posted. This is due to personnel availability and coverage prioritization. Note on Saturday phone support is available from 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM while technical support dispatch is limited but available 9-5PM.

Closed 9am to 10pm 9am to 10pm 9am to 10pm 9am to 10pm 9am to 10pm 9am to 5pm

Contact the YConnect Contact Center at (718) 262-5311, or x5311 on campus.

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