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YCRadio's departments, staff and their responsibilities.

Request for access to any of the pillars in CUNYfirst is a department-level decision based on roles that are associated with job functions. There are subject matter experts for each of the pillars located on campus. If you have questions about what roles are needed please direct them to these subject matter experts. Security personnel in IT who is in charge of assigning the roles from properly filled out and approved forms are not able to answer questions that pertain to security roles in CUNYfirst.  Please review any of the following links to help you with CUNYfirst access and policies:

  1. Guidelines for Security Access
  2. Access Approvers and Subject Matter Experts
  3. York College ASL's and What You Need To Know
  4. CUNYfirst Security
  5. Training

Of critical importance when it comes to CUNYfirst access is to be aware that there is a tremendous amount of work that needs to happen in the system in order to setup requests properly. Any lack of informing or properly submitting forms especially when personnel transfer from one area to another or leave York entirely or transfer to another school creates major challenges for departments trying to process workflow that depends on role assignments that have not been properly vetted and updated or removed. Communication is the key and these forms provide relief when properly managed.

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