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Add New Event

Adding Your event to the website

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Adding Your event to the website

Go the Login screen on the York College Website at or by going to the college website selecting the "Faculty / Staff" / "Online Services" / "York Website / CMS".

Enter your York College Network Account and click login.

After you log in, click faculty/staff or Current Student Menu, and select "calendar" under Resources. Note: you can also create the event on your department or office website.

Click "Add" on the Left menu.

Click "Event".

Enter the Title of the event

click "Create and Edit"

you are now editing your event.

please enter the summary.

select the start date and time as well as the end date and time.

new to the events are the option to make the event whole day and open-ended, as well as adding recurrence to your event.

complete as much as you can.

the Text area allows you to do rich formating.

the upload your lead Image, the lead image is used for listing the events as well as displaying in the digital signage on campus.

when you are done entering the information, click save.

the page is displayed for you to review

Click on "State: Private" on the left menu.

a Quality Check is done on the page, please correct any errors highlighted. (if you have any error please close this window and click edit in the left menu)

if you don't have any error select "Submit for publication" and click on "Change"

You’re Done!

Your content will be review and published