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Scholarship blog

how to add an scholarship blog

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Adding Your scholarship blog entry to the York College Website.

Go the Login screen on the York College Website at or by going to the college website selecting the "Faculty / Staff" / "Online Services" / "York Website / CMS".

Enter your York College Network Account and click login.

you will be redirected to your dashboard.

After you log in, click Current Student Menu, and select "scholarship center" under Resources. then select "blog" from the scholarship center menu.
Click "Add" on the Left menu.

Click "Announcement".

Enter the Title of your entry.

click "Create and Edit".

select the layout News/Announcement video.
please enter in the respective tile:

the summary or short description.

the body of your post.

go to youtube and copy the share URL from the video you created.

select the video tile and clicking edit, in the overlay window paste the URL.

the upload your lead Image, the lead image is used for listing the blog as well as displaying in the digital signage on campus.

when you are done entering the information, click save on the upper right corner.

the page is displayed for you to review.

You’re Done!

Your content will be review and published.