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Uploading files as Tiles

Uploading files as a tile while editing a page

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Uploading files as a tile while editing a page

On the web, any video, audio, image or document documents such as MS Office, PDF, Etc are considered external resources and can be a link or list from your content (announcements, pages, folders, and events.)

You can upload the files before or during editing your content.

To upload the file as a tile while editing, go to your department/office website after you log in and start editing the page you want to add the file to.

click "Insert" located on the upper left corner of the mosaic editing menu, under "Media", you will see options for Video, Audio, Images, etc. in addition, under the Advance menu, you will see "Document Viewer" for other types of files

if you don't see "insert" you are using one of the basic layouts. switch you layout to custom by clicking layout and selecting customize.

click the "video" (Audio, Images, etc. have similar interface)

at this point you can search or browse the website for videos or add upload a new one.

to add a new one click "add" then "upload"

by default, the files are going to be stored in repositories, there are repositories for images, audio, video and files, the system will automatically detect the type of file you are uploading and place it in the right repository.

If you don't want the files there you have the option of specifying the location you want the files by clicking "specify upload location" on the lower-left corner of the upload box and select the location where you want the files uploaded to.

You can either drag and drop the files to this box or click "select files" and choose the files from your computer.

Depending on the type of file selected, you may see a preview where you can select the focal point of the image, a title, description and tag fields for each item.

You must fill the title and description field, the tag field is optional.

click the check box to upload the file, after the file is uploaded the system will ask you if you want this file published and provide a link to the object where you can further edit the file (eg. to add the transcript to an audio or video file)