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Roles & Purposes

Foundations Institutions promote student understanding of the various roles and purposes of higher education, both for the individual and society.

These roles and purposes include knowledge acquisition for personal growth, learning to prepare for future employment, learning to become engaged citizens, and learning to serve the public good. Institutions encourage first-year students to examine systematically their motivation and goals with regard to higher education in general and to their own college/university. Students are exposed to the value of general education as well as to the value of more focused, in-depth study of a field or fields of knowledge (i.e., the major).

Committee Members:

  • Linda Chesney
  • Chun-Pin Hsu
  • Wayne Forrester
  • Benjamin Drepaul
  • Sean White
  • Carolyn Daley
  • Truett Vaigneur
  • Adoja Gfiza
  • Rolande Dalberiste