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Mandated Training Related to Child Abuse

NYS Mandated Training Related to Child Abuse course is required to help prepare MSW scholars for licensure exams.

According to NYS Office of Professions, effective September 1, 2004, this requirement also applies to Licensed Clinical Social Workers and Licensed Master Social Workers. Individuals in these professions, when applying initially for licensure or a limited permit, or for the renewal of a New York State license or registration, must provide documentation of having completed the coursework or training through a Department-approved course. * Additionally, *programs registered by NYS that lead to licensure in these professions now are required to include training in the identification and reporting of child abuse and maltreatment. Students graduating from such programs on or after the effective dates are not required to take additional training and are not required to receive a Certificate form or submit documentation.

The course meets the New York State requirement for identifying and reporting child abuse. You will be taught to recognize incidents of physical abuse, sexual abuse, child neglect and behavioral indicators of maltreatment. 

Participants will receive the required NYS Certificate of Completion application. For additional information, please email us at