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Beryl Owusu, LMSW

MSW Graduating Class '2022

  • 2 year Generalist
  • Member Phi Alpha Honor Society
Graduating from the York  MSW program is a special privilege to me. I received an outstanding professional education, but I also benefited from the collective wisdom of faculty who gave me the knowledge and skills to serve as a social worker.  I believe that my purpose—my calling—is to help individuals and families move beyond shame and stigma to find healthier ways of living. The MSW program helped  me expand my skills while creating a safe space for me to practice and enhance my strengths.. As an individual originally from Ghana, West  Africa, where mental illness is a stigma among other beliefs, the curriculum and faculty allowed me to develop my counseling skills, engage in dialogue to affect change, and pursue the discovery of new talents and competencies in the profession. The York MSW program  helped  me hone my vocation and underscored the importance of the individual journey while empowering human beings to heal and live well. Today, I am able to serve those who do not have a voice and to be more effective in both the professional and personal spheres of my life.