Past NSSS Events

Dec1603:30 pm

NSSS - Honors Student Talk - Makenzie Saoura

Talk Title: The Effect of Mitochondrial Disease-Associated Elac 2 (tRNase ZL) Mutations on Mitochondrial tRNA Processing

Dec1512:00 pm

NSSS - Dr. Michal Minczuk

Talk Title: Mitochondrial Medicine: Definitions and Examples

May1712:00 pm

NSSS: Gabriela Arias

Talk Title: Studying the aggregation of hIAPP12-18 using spectroscopic and microscopic techniques

May1012:00 pm

NSSS: Dr. Xia Xu

Talk Title: Application of Next Generation Sequencing for Subtyping Listeria monocytogenes

May312:00 pm

NSSS: Student Practice Talks

The Natural Science Seminar Series (NSSS) encourages students doing undergraduate research to present their work. This could be in preparation for a honors thesis defense, conference or just to practice discussing research.

Apr1912:00 pm

NSSS: Dr. Alicia Meléndez

Talk Title: Autophagy in development and Aging

Apr1212:00 pm

NSSS: Dr. Deborah E. Williams

Talk Title: Sustained vincristine sulfate therapy for use in treatment of keloids

Apr512:00 pm

NSSS - Kendra Pamphille

Talk Title: Probing inhibitor-hIAPP interactions using spectroscopic techniques: A Mechanistic Study

Apr2312:00 pm

NSSS: Dr. Rocio Cortes

Discussion of the peer-review process and the editorial career at the journals of the American Physical Society (APS).

Mar1212:00 pm

NSSS: NYU Core Facilities Symposium

2015-Thursday, March 12th; SPEAKERS: Dr. Andriana Heguy, Director, Genomics Core Facility, Dr. Fengxia Liang, Director, Microscopy Core Facility, Dr. Peter Lopez, Director, Flow Cytometry Core Facility; Institution: Langone Medical Center of New York University; Each speaker will discuss the methods and applications within their specialty for 20 – 30 min. This will be followed by a broad discussion of the interplay between specialized techniques and the PI-sponsored research projects they help support.; Hosted by: Lou Levinger

Nov1812:00 pm

Biology Research Seminar, Natural Science Seminar Series

We will have a research seminar on Nov. 18 in Room 4M06.

Nov412:00 pm

NSSS - Self Assembly of Soft Matter (Nanoscience)

SPEAKER: Dmytro Nykypanchuk

Oct1412:00 pm

NSSS - Sigma-2 Receptor-Mediated Apoptosis in Cancer Cells

Natural Science Seminar Series

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