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York College Nursing RN to BS Program

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Nursing BS


Required Core Curriculum Courses

This program has received a waiver to require that students take the following courses in fulfillment of Core Curriculum requirements. Students who do not take these courses to fulfill Core requirements may not be able to complete the major in 120 credits. 
BIO234Anatomy and Physiology I* 
BIO235Anatomy and Physiology II* 
CHEM106Essentials of College Chemistry* 3.5 
CHEM107Essentials of College Chemistry Lab* 1.5 
MATH111Introduction to Statistics and Probability 
PSY102Introductory Psychology* 
PSY214Lifespan Development for Health Professions 
Upper-level Writing Intensive (WI) course 

Prerequisites Screening and Progression

BIO234Anatomy and Physiology I* 
BIO235Anatomy and Physiology II* 
BIO265Clinical Microbiology 
BIO382Human Nutrition 
CHEM106Essentials of College Chemistry* 3.5 
CHEM107Essentials of College Chemistry Laboratory* 1.5 
CHEM230Essentials of Organic Chemistry 
ENG125English Composition I: Introduction to College Writing* 
MATH104College Algebra 
Placement by Mathematics into MATH 121  
MATH111Introduction to Statistics & Probability 
PSY102Introduction to Psychology* 
PSY214Human Development for Health Professions 

Transfer Credits Granted to all RNs

NURS101Nursing Process and Pharmacology I 
NURS310Nursing Care of the Childbearing client/Family System 
NURS320Adult Health I 
NURS340Nursing Care of Children 
NURS420Adult Health II 
NURS430Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing 

Nursing Program Requirements

NURS200Professional Nursing Process 
NURS203Health Assessment and Wellness Promotion 
NURS301Values in Transition: Perspectives of Professional Nursing (WI) 
NURS314Management and Leadership in Professional Nursing / Client Intersystems 
NURS315Professional Nurse-Family and Community Intersystems I 
NURS405Professional Nurse-Family and Community Intersystems II 
NURS406Professional Nurse-Societal and Community Client Intersystems: Emergent Evolution 
NURS407Research in Professional Nursing Practice (WI) 
Credit Totals 
Total Program credits94-98 
Total Core Curriculum credits21 
Total free elective credits1-5 
Total credits for the BS in Nursing120 


*Courses listed with an asterisk (*) are used to calculate the GPA for, and to rank, program applicants.

  1. BIO 234, 235, and PSY 102 also fulfill the Flexible Core: Scientific World requirement.
  2. CHEM 106 and CHEM 107 are taken as co-requisites. These courses also fulfill the Required Core: Life and Physical Sciences requirement.
  3. MATH 111 and MATH 120 also fulfill the Required Core: Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning requirement.
  4. PSY 214 also fulfills the College Option Core: Health Education requirement. NURS majors are not required to take HE 111, and are required to take PSY 214 in its place.
  5. Students may take NURS 301 or NURS 407 toward fulfillment of the College Option Core: Writing Intensive requirement.
  6. ENG 125 also partially fulfills the Required Core: English Composition requirement.
  7. Students who do not place directly into MATH 121 may have to take up to 4 credits of mathematics as a prerequisite for CHEM 106. These credits may require students to exceed 120 credits to complete the nursing program. Students who place into MATH 121 will not have to take these credits.
  8. Students must complete NURS 200 and NURS 203 with a grade of C+ or higher in order to continue with the Nursing major requirement sequence.
  9. The requirement that half of the credits in the major program must be taken at York is superseded by the requirement that 25 nursing credits in the RN- BS Nursing Program must be taken at York.
  10. The foreign language requirement will be met through specific courses that are designed for the health professions, after placement is determined by the foreign language department.

Credit by validation examination may be earned by: Excelsior College and the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). For information pertaining to these examinations contact:

Excelsior College (Regents College)
7 Columbia Circle
Albany, New York 11203
Telephone: (518) 464-8500

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
P.O. Box 6600
Princeton, NJ 08541 - 6600
Telephone: (800) 257-9558

Articulation Agreements

York College RN - Baccclaureate Nursing Program has articulation agreements with the Nursing Programs at the following colleges:

  • Queensborough Community College/ CUNY
  • LaGuardia Community College/CUNY

Frequently Requested Information

New students who are awaiting NCLEX results may enroll, with permission in the NURS 203 - Health Assessment Course that is offered only during the Spring semester- (offered in the Summer only with adequate enrollment).

Students are required to complete BIO 382 Human Nutrition. The prerequisite for Human Nutrition (BIO 382) is Chemistry 106 and Chemistry 107 at York College. Students who have completed 4-5 credit Chemistry courses (with a lab component) grade of C or better and seeking equivalency credit for Chemistry 106 and Chemistry 107, must see the coordinator of the Chemistry Discipline.

Effective Fall 2013 CUNY/SUNY A.A.S. graduate transfer credits are accepted on a course by course basis. Non-CUNY/SUNY graduates are strongly encouraged to seek advisement from a Department of Nursing faculty member to clarify transfer credits and avoid taking incorrect or unnecessary courses.