Information Systems Management (BS)

Business and Information Systems
Business and Economics
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Course Descriptions
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The Department of Business and Economics, jointly with the Mathematics and Computer Science Department, sponsors a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Systems Management (Computer Science). This program combines courses in computer studies, accounting, business, economics and management. It is designed to train students for careers as software developers, systems analysts, network engineers and administrators, and information scientists.


Information Systems Management BS

Common Body of Knowledge 
ACC101Principles of Accounting I 
ACC102Principles of Accounting II 
ACC103Principles of Managerial Accounting 
ECON102Introduction to Microeconomics 
ECON220Introduction to Economic Statistics 
ECON390Independent Research 
BUS286Digital Technologies in Organizations 
BUS461Information Systems Project Management 
BUS470Information System Security Management 
CS172Computer Science I 
CS291Computer Science II 
CS292Introduction to Database Management 
MATH225Discrete Mathematical Structures 
Students will choose from one of two concentrations 

Concentration 1: Information Systems Management

Choose five (5) courses from the following: 
BUS287Communities, Social Networks and Information 
BUS353Human Computer Interaction 
BUS376Organizational Knowledge Management 
BUS377Business Intelligence 
BUS460Information Retrieval 
BUS465Enterprise Resources Planning 
BUS476Systems Analysis and Design 
CS261Data Communication I 
CS371Business Programming 
HPHS201Health Informatics 

Concentration 2: Informatics

Choose five (5) courses from the following: 
BUS240Foundations of Supply Chain Management 
BUS285Business Law and Digital Forensics 
BUS290Records Management and Preservation 
BUS376Organizational Knowledge Management 
BUS368E Business Technologies 
BUS402Management Information Systems 
HPHS201Health Informatics 
Total Credits for the major: 
Concentration 1:57-60 
Concentration 2:60 

Note: Information Systems Management majors must take MATH 115 or MATH 121 in partial fulfillment of graduation requirements.