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The Studio Art major is designed to develop the student's competence and productivity in at least one area of concentration, such as painting, sculpture, photography or computer graphics. This major anticipates the growth of each student's potential through a broad variety of work and study experiences. Outlining professional as well as practical avenues of involvement, the major seeks to intensify personal motivation in art through the development of perceptual and imaginative capabilities.
All courses offer a group oriented curriculum that requires an intense work habit and an open spirit of investigation. Advanced projects, guided within courses at the junior and senior levels, emphasize a clarification of personal vision through concentrated studies. After completing basic courses in free-hand drawing, painting, sculpture and design, Fine Arts 155, 264, 273, 101 and 102 respectively, which develop perception and formal competence, students may choose from a variety of courses to complete other requirements for the major. All art studio classes require a minimum of 4 hours outside work per week.


Studio Art BA


Major Discipline Requirements


I. Six credits chosen from the following:

FA101Visual Elements: Two-Dimensional 
FA102Visual Elements: Three-Dimensional 
FA103Foundations of Photography 

II. Six credits chosen from the following:

FA283Visual Communication Media I 
FA284Computer Graphics I 
FA381Photography I 
FA382Photography II 
FA383Visual Communication Media II 
FA384Computer Graphics II 
FA385Film Making I 
FA386Film Making II 
FA481Photography III 
FA482Photography IV 
FA488Video I 
FA489Video II 

III. Twelve credits chosen from the following:

FA155Drawing I 
FA253Graphic Design I 
FA254Graphic Design II 
FA258Graphics I , Printmaking 
FA264Painting I 
FA265Painting II 
FA273Sculpture I 
FA274Sculpture II 
FA284Computer Graphics I 
FA355Drawing II 
FA358Graphics II: Print-Making 
FA364Painting III 
FA365Painting IV 
FA373Sculpture III 
FA374Sculpture IV 
FA384Computer Graphics II 
FA444Advanced Studio I 
FA445Advanced Studio II 
FA455Advanced Drawing I 
FA456Advanced Drawing II 
FA463Painting V 
FA464Painting VI 
FA465Special Studies: Selected Studio Area 
FA466Special Studies: Selected Studio Area 
FA467Special Studies: Selected Studio Area 
FA468Special Studies: Selected Studio Area 
FA469Special Studies: Selected Studio Area 
FA473Sculpture V 
FA474Sculpture VI 

IV. Three credits chosen from the following:

FA105Introduction to Fine Arts: Caves to Cathedrals 
FA106Introduction to Fine Arts: Cathedrals to Contemporary 

V. Select any nine credits from Art History Major Areas I, II, or III:

Area I. Western Art to the 18th Century

FA290Ancient Art 
FA291Art of Medieval Europe 
FA292Early Renaissance Art 
FA294Northern European Art 
FA390High Renaissance and Late 16th century art 
FA391Baroque and Rococo Art 

Area II. 19th Century - Contemporary

FA278Art and Sound of Video Games 
FA297History of Photography 
FA298Trends in Twentieth-Century Photography 
FA303Film History I 
FA304Film History II 
FA325Women and Art 
FA39219th Century Art 
FA393American Art to 1913 
FA394Twentieth Century Art in the United States 
FA396Twentieth Century Art 
FA397Contemporary Art 

Area III. Non-Western Art

FA296African Art 
FA287Islamic Art and Architecture 
FA288Art of Asia and the Pacific 
FA289Caribbean Art 
FA395Latin-American Art 
FA398African-American Art 

VI. Nine credits in Fine Arts electives

Choose any 3 additional art studio classes.


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