Latin American Studies (Minor)

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Course Descriptions
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The Latin American Studies minor intends to provide students with a better understanding of the Latin American cultures and people and also is directed to those students interested in serving the Hispanic community locally and nationally.


Requirements for the Latin American Studies Minor


Required Courses

HIST368Latin America since 1825 
POL250Latin American Politics 

Spanish Language or Literature

One course above SPAN 105

Choose two courses from the following list:

ANTH249Anthropology of Puerto Rico 
FA395Latin-American Art 
HUM272The Latino Experience in the U.S. 
CLDV201Cultures and Societies of the World: Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean 
SPAN201Hispanic-American Literature from its Origins through Modernismo 
SPAN202Hispanic-American Literature after Modernismo 
SPAN203Hispanic-American Short Story 
SPAN304Puerto Rican Literature 
SPAN306Indigenismo in 20th Century Hispanic-American Fiction 
SPAN332The Contemporary Hispanic-American Novel 
SPAN413Hispanic Civilization 

* Cannot be used to fulfill General Education and Minor Requirements.

Courses chosen to fulfill these minor requirements cannot be used to fulfill General Education and Major Requirements.

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