Chemistry (BS)

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Course Descriptions
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The Chemistry Program has three principal objectives:

  1. to prepare Chemistry majors for careers in chemistry or related areas such as medicine, dentistry or the health professions;
  2. to provide students in other disciplines with the required chemistry courses for their programs; and
  3. to provide non-science majors with an opportunity to acquire knowledge of our natural and technological environment as explained through chemical principles.

The Chemistry major provides the student with a sound foundation in the theoretical and experimental principles of chemistry. The course of study includes the areas of analytical, inorganic, organic and physical chemistry, and biochemistry. The major prepares students for advanced study in graduate school, professional programs in medicine and dentistry, and careers in teaching, industry, and government that require a bachelor's degree in Chemistry.

Chemistry BS


Required Courses

CHEM108Principles of Chemistry I 3.5 
CHEM109Principles of Chemistry I Laboratory 1.5 
CHEM111Principles of Chemistry II 3.5 
CHEM112Principles of Chemistry II Laboratory 1.5 
CHEM231Organic Chemistry I 
CHEM232Techniques of Organic Chemistry I 
CHEM233Organic Chemistry II 
CHEM234Techniques of Organic Chemistry II 
CHEM310Inorganic Chemistry 
CHEM321Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics 
CHEM322Physical Chemistry: Quantum Chemistry 
CHEM341Instrumental Analysis I 
CHEM342Instrumental Analysis II 
MATH122Analytic Geometry and Calculus II 
PHYS117University Physics I 
PHYS113Physics Laboratory I 
PHYS118University Physics II 
PHYS114Physics Laboratory II 

Choose Track #1 Chemistry or Track #2 Biochemistry

Track #1 Chemistry16 credits 
CHEM330Structure and Mechanism in Biochemistry 
CHEM421Physical-Inorganic Laboratory 
MATH221Analytic Geometry and Calculus III 
Choose two courses from the following (at least one must be a chemistry laboratory course*): 
CHEM339Heterocyclic Chemistry and Drug Chemistry 
CHEM450Advanced Topics in Chemistry 
CHEM460Biochemistry I 
CHEM462Experiments in Biological Chemistry* 
CHEM490Independent Study* 
Track #2 Biochemistry27-28.5 credits 
BIO201Biological Principles I 
BIO202Biological Principles II 
BIO301Molecular Biology and Biotechnology 
CHEM460Biochemistry I 
CHEM461Biochemistry II 
CHEM462Experiments in Biological Chemistry 
Choose two courses from the following (at least one must be a chemistry laboratory course*): 
BIO320Cell Biology 4.5 
BIO444Genetics 4.5 
CHEM330Structure and Mechanism in Biochemistry 
CHEM421Physical-Inorganic Laboratory* 
CHEM490Independent Study* 

Total Credits Required for the Major:

  • Track 1: 65 credits
  • Track 2: 76-77.5 credits

PHYS 113 and PHYS 117 fulfill the Pathways requirement in Life and Physical Science. PHYS 114 and PHYS 118, and BIO 202, fulfill Pathways requirements in Scientific World. MATH 121 fulfills the Pathways requirement in Quantitative Reasoning.

B.S. with Honors in Chemistry

Eligibility: A 300-level Chemistry course and a 3.0 average in all Chemistry courses. Approval by the Faculty of the Chemistry Department.

Requirements for Graduation with Honors:

1. Successful completion of 6 credits of 400-level courses in the Chemistry Department consisting of independent research under the supervision of a faculty member and successful presentation of a thesis to the faculty members of the Chemistry Department.

2. Certification by the Faculty of the Chemistry Department.