Occupational Therapy Process I: Psychosocial Intervention

OT508 (Not Liberal Arts) Occupational Therapy Process I: Psychosocial Intervention 5 hrs. 4 crs. This is a graduate level course which investigates the major psychiatric disorders and challenges students to explore the effect of these disorders on the occupational performance of individuals. Students will learn clinical terminology, standardized and non-standardized assessment tools and practice documentation. Students will also gain a foundation in theoretical concepts as a basis for intervention, utilizing the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework. Teaching strategies will include case based learning, literature review and structured assignments. Participating in Lobby Day and other community efforts will provide an opportunity to practice advocacy skills. The laboratory component will include, but not be limited to, application of concepts and practice of treatment techniques. Preq: Department permission required. 3 hours lecture, 2 hours laboratory.